Connors’ Comments for Saturday, April 6




FIRST RACE – Nearly 60 degrees for the first part of the card, and no wind … CLASSY HILL was outside past the 1/8, pushed a foe a long way in a fast opener then retook in front of a charging competitor into turn two in a blistering half, drew clear early backstretch and maintained a big margin to the wire. GALLERY OPENING was in the outside flow, ducked in ¾, to the Pocono Pike and made up some ground. WARP FACTOR THREE was three-wide with cover behind the first wave early, tucked fourth, came out past the 5/16 but saw the winner move in front of him, left raw and got into a vacant pocket past the 5/8, couldn’t save second. CONCUR was the first to show in the early logjam then had to take all the way back to last, in the outside flow, wide in the lane and went a better mile than it looks. SANATTLE SLEW pushed the outside leavers early and yielded, was shuffled when the pocketsitter gave way then outside in a blindswitch on the far turn, not too much once clear. SOUTHERN ALLIE advanced with cover then was raw past the 5/8, didn’t reach. RAKSMACH N was three-wide to the 1/8, then used very hard past the 26 opener to the lead before the 3/8, yielded, was already gapping shortly after the half.


SECOND RACEJOHNNY Q was three-high to turn one, then two-deep to quarter command, yielded for the two-hole, moved outside past early stretch and just wore down BETTER B ROLLING. The latter left well, let the outside horses go then quarter-moved to 3/8 command, came home in 55.3 and still got nipped. ANWAR HANOVER was third-over, not tight on his cover on the far turn, then four-wide and came a very long way to be along for third. TULLOW N started first-up nearing the second bend, never got closer than the wheel of the leader, evenly late. DEALMAKER was stuck behind a far turn fader, to the Pocono Pike, evenly. SHADY CITY was far back, angled wide into the stretch and had pace under the wire. NOX VEGAS BLUECHIP was second-over, three-wide on the turn but didn’t gain. SOME GOLD was on top past the 1/8, yielded off turn one, gapped out ¾. ABSOLUTE INTENT was outside but no factor.


THIRD RACEDIVISION BELL moved out before the quarter, briefly had cover then rolled up to the point to the 3/8, unthreatened. R U TALKIN was looped, bypassed a big pocket hole and went up to the lead past the ¼, yielded to the winner and stayed right behind him, neither gained nor lost ground late. AFLAME HANOVER eventually got rolling third-over 11/16, did not have good cover, wide in the stretch and finished well for third. MARVALOUS FALCON hit the front quickly, saw two go by, little stretch punch. WAWAWAWHAT was second-over, ducked in on the far turn, so-so. NEXT SHOT came uncovered at the half, never threatened the leader then fell back significantly.


FOURTH RACERIVER RUNS DEEP got to the lead quickly, seemed in control of this group with a 27.4 last quarter. BUCKEYE PRESIDENT left and sat a good pocket trip, had to be handled cautiously late with “b.e.” TERROR O was away last but pulled at the ¼ and followed the outside-the-mile horse, in on the turn then three-wide headstretch, not bad late. A AND C ARTIST was four-wide to the first turn and three-wide to the 1/8, briefly had cover then was left raw near the ¼, one-geared, got cover, ducked in far turn, very good effort. ERIE DALE N was away third, came out 11/16 but could make no impact. MEANT TOBE SHOOTER was three-wide early, then two-wide and backed into a hole before the ¼, started to gap at the half. THE REST never entered the main picture.


FIFTH RACESPORTS LEGEND let the other two settle their 26 fight then quarter-moved and controlled the stick, had to have his mind kept to business until deep stretch. UNDER PAID emerged on top and forced a tuck in a fast opener, yielded to the winner, looked to start outside headstretch but then ducked inside, gaining well late. ON ACCIDENT was three-wide to the first turn, backed off two-wide to take the early pocket after a fast battle, inside, next-best. ILLEGITIMATE SON stayed in, best of the rest. FIESTY FIREBALL could make no noise from second-over. LOVE YOURSELF tucked 3/16, struggling 5/8 then hit a higher gear, moved outside raw but never headed the pocket horse, then fell back.


SIXTH RACEBASS PLAYER was three-wide early to a 3-tuck 3/16, swung out headstretch and edged ROCKIN CELEBRATION late. The latter took the pocket behind an insistent one past the 1/8, to the Pocono Pike, got a brief lead midstretch, did well in the 55.3 sprint home. PEDIGREE BLUE CHIP forced wholesale tucks, got pressure late backstretch but shrugged it off, not enough sprint late. JUST MY KINDA GUY tucked, sat in and gapped down the back, moving a bit better in the latter stages. ROCKME SOCKS OFF avoided leaving the rail and got the last check. MAJOR PEPPER swung four-wide from last and wasn’t too bad from an impossible spot. YOU GOT TRUMPED gapped second-over, fanned wide before the 7/8 but had little. MR HEAVEN picked an early spot, then started raw into the second turn, went 27.2 down the backstretch to engage the leader, but had nothing left midturn. JET AVIATION gapped cover, blindswitched while three-wide late far turn, far back.


SEVENTH RACECITY HALL pushed a rival then surrendered the lead for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike and had just enough late thrust to edge IMSTAYNALIVE. The latter moved behind very good cover and advanced, swung wide and passed the leader simultaneously with the winner, just outfooted. O’ SUNDLAND was a bit loose in third most of the way, then angled wide early stretch and was gaining. THE WAYFARING MAN moved from midpack off turn two and went 27.2 raw to fight with the leader, took a short lead early stretch and held the advantage until nearing deep stretch. NIMBLE AND QUICK was in fourth at the 1/8, got clearance along the inside, OK. CHEYENNE REIJANE was urged leaving, got in front 3/16, had hard pressure late backstretch through the turn, gave way in the last 1/8. THE OTHERS were in the back throughout and never entered the main fight.


EIGHTH RACEJK PRIDENJOY was away nicely to protect the pocket behind a crackling fight up front, outside past midturn, got a small advantage headstretch, didn’t extend it much against a game pacesetter but got the job done. NIGHT CLUB HANOVER refused to yield while under pressure from before the ¼, dueled in hot numbers, was headed headstretch but fought with great gameness to the line. TOUGH MUDDER stayed connected after an early tuck, a bit shy of the top two. HUGH HEFNER N stayed in, gapped down the back, next in line. ALL MUSIC gapped from before the ¼ to after the half, came out and had to go three-wide 5/8 as the parked horse tired, never really in the main fight. MAYTIME TERROR was first to show at the start but paid the price cost by bad track geometry (PP9), went right at the leader in a fast ¼ and ½, fell back early backstretch. THE OTHERS never achieved prominence.












NINTH RACE – The official temperature was lowered from 59o to 49o before this race … SUDDENLY SAM sat in the pocket, lost some momentum headstretch waiting for the Pocono Pike, then had a good surge and was able to get home first in a slowing pace. BUNKNDUNK had cover, had to check pretty good behind a breaker early backstretch, third-over, four-wide before the ¾ then three-wide mid-far turn as a rival broke and he could drop down, took the lead early stretch but couldn’t sustain to the wire. BETTER BANGBANG tucked third 3/16, in, moved two-wide surrounded by horses headstretch, slipped through a tight seam past midstretch and surged, then shut off just before the wire. MISTER SPECIAL T angled in fourth 3/16, angled out behind the place horse in the stretch, just a little shy. ASPLODE HANOVER started uncovered towards turn two, kept gaining, OK finishing. SPANISH ART had to be wrestled back early, then second-over, made a momentary break 9/16 then recovered and got tighter on cover, three-wide before the ¾, broke midturn, but again recovered quickly and came back on. TARAMAKAUREACTOR N gapped most of the way, widest in the lane, so-so. ROUNDTABLE went down the road, surrendered in the lane. ROYAL COURTIER was never close.


TENTH RACEGILLYS BOY was on top in a flash, yielded to the horse he looped to sit the two-hole, outside past headstretch and wore down STARS ALIGN A. The latter was looped and just went right on to command past the 3/16, raced very solidly. CAPTAIN DEO stayed in, gapped on the turn, OK finishing. SOHO WALLSTREET A was buried inside early far turn, kept angling on the curve to four-wide into the stretch, very fast late. ARTIFACT HANOVER came all the way up the inside to get the last payday. DRAGONOLOGY was three-wide just past the 1/8, in fourth past the 3/16, uncovered after the ½, got cover 5/8 but gapped it. COOPERSTOWN was widest in the lane, in a tough spot. A REAL MIRACLE kept good position early, popped out 5/8 and made a bid, but had little left for the last ¼. BLACK CHEVRON N started the outer tier into turn two, had cover, faded far turn.


ELEVENTH RACETURBO HILL had the front in a trice, really slowed the half then hit a higher gear, drew off on the turn, had to work a little more than many horses causing a minus win pool, but stayed safe. DAKOTA OLE sat in, clear in the Pocono Pike as the pocketsitter moved outside, finished with good speed. LOVE THE ACTION was away in good order for the pocket, gapped on the far turn, lost a little ground past midstretch. MAJOR ESCAPE started uncovered past the 3/8, got cover at the half and advanced, three-wide far turn, fair. PRIMO CAPITANO went up to go in third at the 1/8, started raw passing the half, couldn’t threaten. THE OTHER PAIR never got close.


TWELFTH RACEHAVEFAITHINME N spotted third, then came out off the first turn and needed most of the frontstretch to clear, set the pace, suddenly had a four length lead midturn after trouble behind him, remained clear in 1:50.2, fastest time of the year here. ARCHANGEL THREE yielded for the pocket at the 1/8, sat in, went inside of the hooked horses, did well to be as close as he was at the wire. WAR-N-MUNN was second-over, very wide around the trouble midturn, along for third over THE DARK SHADOW, who followed him. LEAN ON YOU had to check behind the trouble and went inside of it, getting the final check. MACHIAVELLI didn’t leave too well and took back to last, gapped at the back with URBAN RENEWAL. ROOTIN TOOTIN was uncovered into turn two, challenged, bore in just past the ¾ and hooked wheels with pocketsitting BLAYDE HANOVER, placed for interference. The latter made the lead past the 1/8, yielded for the pocket, still close-up when hooked by the first-over horse and taken out of it.


THIRTEENTH RACEMARINER SEELSTER was four-wide of five leavers, tucked, uncovered 9/16 and wore down the pacesetter far turn, very good mile. HALL BRO got cover out but gapped it past 5/8, got closer, good as second-best. NINE WAYS made the lead at the 1/8 and yielded off turn one, pocket, shuffled late turn then backed out, was doing well late. ITSONLYROCKNROLL A left, stayed in, also shuffled, not too much late. EVER AGAIN was five-wide early, took back to get inside, then third-over but wasn’t a major presence. TYBER TYKE was three-wide to the 1/8 then two-wide to the front off turn one, set the pace, had no more to give past the ¾. THE OTHERS were always near the back.


FOURTEENTH RACEALLSTAR PARTNER was three-wide to the 1/8 to the lead just before the ¼, set a solid pace, drew clear on the turn, tiring late but had opened enough of a margin. DULL ROAR left between horses and took back to tuck third, caught behind a gapping pacesetter on the far turn and had to wait for the Pocono Pike, had very good pace when clear inside. PERSISTENT THREAT A was first on top, yielded at the ¼ for the two-hole, couldn’t stay with the winner ¾, evenly late. MAXDADDY BLUE CHIP went uncovered not all that much past the quarter but never mounted a big threat, though going on steadily. ONE TO ORDER TO was outside all the way, gapped cover down the back, not that far off at the wire. ROCKIN INTHE HILLS and MIKE’S Z TAM did not factor. FOUR CARD MAJOR was third-over behind a gapper, tried to circle three-wide but could not.