Connors’ Comments for Tuesday, April 2




FIRST RACE – High 40s, stretch headwind … ABC MUSCLES BOY went right out to command, got a rest in quarter two, came home strongly and easily withstood WISENHEIMER. The latter sat the pocket, outside in the lane, stayed close to the quick winner. NATURAL KEMP was far back, ducked to the Pocono Pike and won a three-horse photo for the very very distant third. PHANTOM RUSTY came out before the 3/8, briefly four-wide in traffic to the ¾ then to two-wide on the turn, fair. WHAT THAT IS was underway early behind the parked horse, was able to maintain two-wide position when his cover bore out down the back, but couldn’t get close. OPTIMIST BLUE CHIP was three-wide early, tucked third 3/16, stayed with the top two until headstretch where he made a break, placed down for DLOB (double lapped-on break). QUICK DEAL started gapping at the 5/8. SWISS PLATINUM couldn’t get anything going. TRIXIE DUST was outside without cover midpack past the half, then bore out and faded.


SECOND RACESENTENCING MEMO was looped between horses and settled fourth, moved early backstretch, soon got cover, soon lost it, soon was able to tuck in the pocket, then responded nicely (own last half = 55.3) when taken to the Pocono Pike to give Jameson Parker and Gerald McRaney fans the Daily Double. MATT MAJOR rushed out to the top at the 1/8, pushed a foe past a quick quarter and yielded, came right out of the pocket before the 5/8 and went right on by, outbrushed to his inside. HEARTBEAT HILL got in the good outer flow, left uncovered on the far turn and moved right up, couldn’t quite sustain the gaining move. WINDSONG NAPOLEON could not keep with cover. SIMPLY SUSATIONAL N left and yielded, was stuck behind a tired pacesetter past the 5/8 and shuffled all the way to last, made a decent recovery. MCRAVEN was three-wide to the 1/8, then two-wide to the lead 5/16, rated quarter two but still was paceless when challenged to the 5/8, faded badly.


THIRD RACEMOSHANNON MAGIC came out of third raw 5/8, came her back numbers in  57.2 – 28.2 and was stronger than ROYAL ESTEEM to the line. The latter cut a slow half then picked things up when challenged, not quite enough sprint. CRITICAL HANOVER sat the pocket, struggled some the last ¼. GYPSYROSE DEVIE moved out 9/16 and soon got cover but couldn’t go with it. KEYSTONE TASHA and IN A GODDA DAVITA never featured. GALARY GIRL was first away from the gate but couldn’t clear, broke at the 1/8.


FOURTH RACERUN LINDY RUN made the top 3/16, got a foe to tuck, set the pace, looked good in winning and equaling the North American season’s record. MEADOWBRANCH VICKI was double-looped leaving, worked up and got in the pocket off turn one, stayed steady. LOLLIPOP LINDY advanced behind cover, OK late. BOLD GODDESS was first on top, yielded 3/16 then gave the pocket past the ¼, evenly the rest of the way. WINNING GENE trotted his third quarter in 28.2 raw and sustained the move into the turn, but couldn’t keep it going late. THIS WANS FOR YOU never featured. ERIN ISLE broke w-a-y before the start.


FIFTH RACEFADE INTO YOU left, pulled from the pocket off the first turn to the top, encountered pressure down the back and through much of the turn, then drew clear. DAWN OF GLORY was uncovered at the half and made a nice third quarter move to challenge the winner, but could not sustain the bid in the last 1/8. CAYENNE VICTORY worked her way to the lead fairly quickly, yielded for the pocket, also did not have enough strength late. NORTHERN DREAM gapped second-over, best of the rest. THE OTHERS never got into contention.


SIXTH RACENORTHERN SWIFT was outleft and was two-wide with cover, then passed the new leader for command in front of the stands, had no problem late. HIGHLY THOUGHT OF forced the ¼ and yielded, came back out again 5/8, pressed, dropped in headstretch and to the Pocono Pike but couldn’t rally further. DEWAR N SODA tucked, stayed in until midturn then moved outside and finished solidly. BIG CHUTE was out past the ¼ to get the lead, yielded for the two-hole, tired significantly in the lane. HOOVES ON FIRST was mired behind useless cover, OK late. IC BRANDONSCOWGIRL was not heard from. HEARSAY gapped out before the ¾. AMERICAN FILLY moved out early backstretch but never went forward, then faded badly.


SEVENTH RACEFIRE’N WOODSHED left, pushed the ¼ and yielded, back out raw off turn two and went to the lead 11/16, best in here. MACMORRIS HANOVER left, had cover to the 5/16 then went on to 3/8 command, couldn’t keep the winner out late backstretch but went on bravely for second. PROTEAS came out behind the winner early backstretch, gapped, left raw, retucked third ¾, far clear of the rest. DUDELOOKSLIKEALINDY couldn’t keep up outside. LONDON HANOVER never entered the main picture. UNION JACK ran after the start, caught the field. MASSIVE VODKA was forwardly-placed, then was shuffled badly when KEYSTONE BENTLEY gave way. The latter was out 5/16 until reaching the lead, yielded, out of gas past the 5/8. MISTER NICK made a break near headstretch while far back.


EIGHTH RACEWAY TO CLOSE dashed right to the lead and set a swift pace, left all but PRIMO CAPITANO far behind and kept that one at a safe distance. PRIMO CAPITANO went to the pocket at the 1/8 and stayed right with the winner in the very fast maiden pace. CECIL CASANOVA lost contact in the last ¼, still third. JERICHO WILLIE gapped out at the 5/8. IDEAL HENRY was three-wide to the 1/8 midpack and was hard to settle inside, never entered into it. NORTHBROOK RON was outside but never got close. CHARLIEWOOLF fell far back. BEACH MEADOWS was off the gate and never had contact with the field. PAPA BLUE CHIP was three-wide to the 1/8, wouldn’t go back into a hole so remained outside raw, faded soon into the backstretch.


NINTH RACESAIL TO THE BEACH left for the pocket then quarter-moved, drew clear in the last ¼. MOCHA MAYHEM spotted, advanced up the inside, found room between horses midstretch and had the most finishing save the winner. CULINARY DELIGHT N left sharply to early command, yielded for the two-hole, started to give ground on the turn but not bad. BRING ME DIAMONDS spotted third early, moved outside midturn but didn’t gain. ICY IYQ never really got going. THE OTHERS never made their presence felt.


TENTH RACECLAREBEAR left a big gap early behind the leaving three, uncovered to the second turn, speed-grinded her third quarter in 26.4 to clear a stubborn pacesetter, drew clear in the last ¼. BYE BYE MICHELLE put two foes into seats behind her early, yielded in front of the stands for the pocket, shuffled on the far turn as the winner got away, had a very good response in the Pocono Pike for second. NARCIAN JEWEL took the two-hole early, stayed in, then backed out ¾, was moving very well at the wire. VORST tucked past the 1/8, then brushed to the lead in front of the stands, did her best to keep the winner outside down the backstretch but eventually could not, held OK+. SHEZALLAPPLES got great cover but couldn’t go with it, uncovered ¾, so-so late. THE OTHER THREE were the last three throughout.


ELEVENTH RACESPRING IN PARIS moved from third 3/16 to take the lead just past the ¼, opened an ever-increasing margin from the 5/8 to headstretch, then saw ALTERCATION make a big charge inside of her and was put under mild urging to hold on. The latter came outside 11/16, had cover then lost it to a break, ducked in headstretch and gained well on the winner to her left through the lane. NICOLE HANOVER backed out behind the place horse and was way ahead of the rest. SIGILWIG made a break just before the start, recovered for fourth. ATONEMENT was on the lead at the 1/8, yielded for the two-hole past turn one, started to gap 5/8 and really slowed in the last quarter. TALKOHOLIC was inside, ran up on the quickly-fading ATONEMENT nearing midturn and was jammed up before breaking. REILLY K had the pocket leaving, got out to the ¾ as the pocketsitter quit, had just retucked into the pocket past midturn when losing gait herself.


TWELFTH RACEJUSLIKEAQUEEN was early mover #2 to command 5/16, rated the half then sprinted down the back, no problem dealing with this field. JK JAZZITUP left, yielded, was early mover #1, yielded again for the pocket, outside stretch but couldn’t gain. ALWAYSALITTLEMORE was buried inside in last, found room deep in the Pocono Pike and made up a great deal of stretch ground. GINA GRACE N was urged leaving and took command 3/16, saw two brush by, stayed in, to the Pike but couldn’t gain late. ATTENTION HANOVER went first-over headed into turn two, was raw in a fast third split, couldn’t endure in the lane. GLENFERRIE BRONTE N moved off the rail headstretch, didn’t gain until midstretch then made up some ground while surrounded. FAMILY ROLL CALL could not keep up 5/8 from second-over. SHUTTHEFRONTDOOR offered little.


THIRTEENTH RACESHADY CITY left for the pocket, urged far turn then outside, didn’t look like he was going to make it midstretch but kept at it and just nipped ALWAYS A FORCE. The latter set the pace, still had two lengths midstretch but just could not sustain the lead to the line though going his last half in 55.4. DRUNK ON YOUR LOVE sat third all the way around, couldn’t stay with the top two the last 3/16. LATE NIGHT JOKE had sluggish cover, three-wide past the 5/8 to two-wide on the far turn, next. PEMBROKE WILDCAT gapped throughout. HALLIE’S COMET never was prominent. IDEAL TYSON A moved uncovered into the second bend but never got anywhere close to the lead.