Connors’ Comments for Sunday, March 31




FIRST RACE31 degrees colder (70o vs. 39o) at first post today vs. yesterday, and with a reversal of the flags to showing a stretch tailwind to start, going to a more quartering wind towards the backstretch later in the card … KINETIC KING left well, forced a tuck, went on nicely, had enough to see off MARION GONDOLIER late in a fast mile for these in these conditions. The latter tucked second just past the 1/8, moved out early stretch, gained but bore out some. CASINO CUTIE IT was second-over, left uncovered midturn, photoed MOOSE MADNESS for the distant third. The latter was wide leaving, took a 4-tuck 3/16, came back out just past the 5/8, retucked third past midturn, could not save the show. GLOBAL ICE spotted third, then gapped at several points. THE OTHERS made no impact in this zippy outing.


SECOND RACEA AND C ARTIST was three-wide fully to the ¼, in front by the 3/8, left the first-over MEAT LOAF behind in the lane. The latter started raw into turn two, gradually ranged up, took his best shot on the far turn, but wasn’t the equal of the winner through the lane. NAKED CITY outleft everybody, then forced the three-wide battle to the quarter before yielding, came out headstretch, evenly for third. TWINCREEKS JACK was looped leaving, went on with it to get the lead at the ¼, yielded 3/8, started gapping in the pocket 5/8. HYBRID HEIDI was far back, moved three-wide on the far bend, got the last check. UNCLE LILE A gapped cover. THE REMAINDER were never featured players here.


THIRD RACESORTIE HANOVER went straight to the top, made this one non-competitive in the last half despite the non-fast clocking. ANDOVER THE CASH stayed third-inside, to the Pocono Pike and just up for the distant deuce. SCREAMING CONWAY had to sit outside and take all the cold air, held very gamely. ARUBA VACATION got into the pocket at the 1/8, was already starting to gap coming off turn two. SHES INTOXICATING was far back most of the way, three-wide on the far turn and only missed second by ¾ of a length. CELEBRITY LAMBO was second-over, struggled, blindswitched late turn, little. TSM TITUS T was well off the gate, caught the field then faded. MUSCLES ON FIRE went offstride not too long past the start.


FOURTH RACEIDEAL ROCKY moved second-over, went three-wide headstretch, and handled this field easily. CLASSIESISTAR N raced in the pocket, to the Pocono Pike, second-best. GERARD N MO took a tuck, then started uncovered off the second turn and challenged hard from the 5/8, held pretty well. DUEL IN THE SUN stayed in and gapped much of the third quarter, then angled out early stretch and finished OK. SWEET TALKIN SATIN took back towards the first turn, gapped down the back then got to third-over, fair late. BELIEVE THIS BOB tried to take these down the road but wasn’t up to the task. THE OTHER TWO lost contact in the third quarter.


FIFTH RACEMUSCLE FASHION got inside 3/16 after a foe broke, started uncovered before the 5/8 and in quick order brushed to command, in control of this grouping. GIRL TALK was second-over, left uncovered before the ¾, got to the inside late on the turn, good second. COUNT ON ROSEY pushed to command towards the first turn, yielded off same, shuffled a bit then backed out past the ¾, held third over MR HOUDINI. The latter was hung out just past the ¼ to grab the top, yielded, shuffled in the pocket through the far turn, finally could swing out and finished with energy in a hard-luck mile. SCIROCCO IMSOSMART had some early speed, quarter-moved, yielded without a fight ¾. QB KEMP made a break late on the first turn. KEYSTONE ANGEL broke an 1/8 before the start, caught the field but broke again coming off turn two.


SIXTH RACEMUAY HANOVER had a good cover trip, rushed three-wide mid-far turn, powered away from these. PONDA’S MUSCLE MAN raced between horses to get into the pocket 3/16, waited for the Pocono Pike, outfooted pacesetting PHOTO BOMBER for second. The latter was three-deep 3/16 in gaining command, got a 1:00.1 middle half, not quite enough. PUERTO RICO pushed the early action, then was underway again raw early on turn two, battled the leader, tired some. CINNABAR HALL tucked midpack, then was third-over, could swing out three-wide late turn and wasn’t bad. LINDY’S BEST YET never featured. CHIPS STARR was fourth-over, blindswitched 5/8, was not heard from late. SHES UNCORKED came up the inside near the half but never got in the main fight. KEYSTONE SERGEANT tried to go three-wide 5/8 from fifth-over but didn’t gain much before falling back.


SEVENTH RACERON BAKARDI insisted on the early lead making STREET BOY tuck, rated quarter two, then came home in 56 – 27.4 with rocking to withstand that foe. The latter had to accept the pocket, gapped much of the way between the 3/8 and midturn, but refused to go away and was gaining some at the wire. POACHER N was far back inside behind a gapper, waited for the Pocono Pike and was a very distant third. CRUISERWILLWIN stayed in, couldn’t keep up ¾. ARTACHE HANOVER showed early foot then backed off, out uncovered off the second turn but couldn’t reach. JOE LARRY N CURLY was behind the dull cover of BETTER BANGBANG, who had little, as was the case with HES GONE BADDER.


EIGHTH RACEITSGOODTOBEQUEEN was quarter-mover #2 and had no problem once on top. FASHION WINNER pushed a foe and yielded 3/16, was a (hidden) quarter-mover #1 and yielded again, didn’t quite have enough in the last quarter but clearly second-best. CON AIR HALL was second-over, ducked in on the turn, to the Pocono Pike, giving ground late but clearly third-best. KANDY KORN made a short-lived raw move to the 5/8 then started falling back. ALLBASSNOTREBLE picked her way around struggling horses. FLYHAWK EL DIABLO was away to 3/16 command, saw two go by in quarter two, done at the ¾. TROTAMUNDO gave much ground in the last half. YO YO MASS took back and finally settled inside, then broke 3/8. GIN’S TONIC was offstride off turn two.


NINTH RACECHUCARO ACERO BC could sit in third until moving raw 11/16, quickly moved to the leader, and proved the strongest in the latter part of the lane. DERECHO worked to the point just past the 1/8, set his own pace, tired in the last 1/16. OWOSSO FLASH got around stragglers down the back, three-wide far turn, almost along for place in a good outing. SHARKY’S WAY yielded late first turn to sit the two-hole, faded in the last panel. TSM GANNICUS T sat in, no factor. R N NATE took back early, underway again past the 3/8, finally got cover to the 11/16 but couldn’t go with it. DOUBLE AGAIN was looped, got in at the 1/8, gapped, started to come out off turn two but had nothing and ducked back in. SONNY THE SHARK had no bite tonight.




TENTH RACEWINNING SHADOW outleft his competitors, hung the favorite past the ¼ and yielded to sit the pocket behind pretty quick numbers on a cold night, to the Pocono Pike and asserted himself strongly. CHESTNUT SCHOFELD was three-wide early, decided not to back off but went on and was three-wide almost to the 3/16, got cover, then left raw 5/16, went up to challenge down the back, never took a backwards step and held with incredible fortitude. TWO AM stayed in, gradually angled wide from headstretch, finally clear widest midstretch and moving very well late. TROLLEY was looped early, worked up to the lead 5/16 and set fast early fractions, got pressure to the ¾ through the turn, not up to this task.  CRAZY ABOUT PAT was never in it. TAG UP AND GO took back to last early and wasn’t heard from again.


ELEVENTH RACEFOOT SOLDIER worked into the 4-hole past the 1/8, started raw 9/16 and challenged, had the lead ¾ but couldn’t clear to the inside until late turn, still much the best. IDEAL WHEEL was behind third-over MAJOR OFFENSE, wheeled four-wide headstretch when that one went three-wide, and outfooted him for place. ROCKIN CELEBRATION took the pocket at the 1/8, locked in on the far turn as those in front of him tired, edged out but had to wait for clearance, then weaved out-in and had good pace after bad luck. MARC MELLOW MAN gapped second-over to the ¾. ALWAY’S CLOSE rushed up to the 3/8 and quickly cleared, was challenged late backstretch and tired in the last 1/8. POKERFACE BLUECHIP was the first to show after the start, yielded past the 3/8 for the two-hole, shuffled a little late turn but had no response once clear. MISS U BIG MIKE gapped.


TWELFTH RACEP L ICABOD made two speed moves and stayed in control of the throttle, won handily. STARSABOVEALLERAGE made the lead coming off the first turn, yielded to the retaker for the pocket, gapped before the ¾, still second. INUKCHUK CHUCK and CAN’TCUTTHATCHIP got around stragglers for the next two spots. BREAK FREE retucked around a gapper then couldn’t keep up late backstretch. MUTINYONTHEBOUNTY, appearing to be on a line throughout, was looped, lost cover at the ¼ and went on raw, faded midbackstretch, tucked to the ¾, stopped badly. CANT U SPELL was forwardly-placed early, then started to leave an ever-increasing gap in front of the stands.


THIRTEENTH RACER BAZINGGA went right down the road, shook off the first-over headstretch, then could hold together to off the late-gaining group. JK MUSICMAN was parked with cover early, got in midpack before the ¼, gapped badly much of the backstretch but was tighter by the ¾, outside with over on the turn and four-wide headstretch, hit his best stride a bit too late, made up ground quickly late to grab second. WEEKEND ATNANNIES left well, yielded for the two-hole, Pocono Pike, fair. PREACHER OLLIE was never too far off the leaders, outside to midturn and three-wide to headstretch, not quite enough. CIRRUS DE VIE made up some ground. BRACKLEY BEACH was three-wide to turn one, gapped in quarter two then moved raw at the half to challenge, pressed the winner, gave way headstretch. STARVIN MARVIN and TEN BEACHES LATER never were prominent. COLLEGE HANOVER was hard to settle inside early, broke heading to the second turn.


FOURTEENTH RACESPORTY SPOOK A started raw just before the second bend, speed-grinded in 27.2 into contention down the back, pressed on, won in hand. FOREVERNALWAYS left strongly and forced a lineup, no match for the winner but far ahead of the rest. MUSTANG ART was caught behind the fading pocketsitter to the ¾ and through the turn, to the Pocono Pike and along for third. PRETTY BOY HILL was three-wide around dull cover far turn and won a three-way picture for fourth over RUFO, who gapped in the pocket throughout, and GOTTA MINUTE N, who couldn’t stay with the winner’s cover. GRAVE DANCER had little the last half. A BETTOR HAT was always last.