Connors’ Comments SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2018


FIRST RACE – One degree above freezing, and a stretch headwind … BEGINNER’S LUCK left and yielded past the 1/8 for the pocket behind the zippy fractions, gapped down the back but then retightened, outside early stretch and sailed by late. ZERO THE HERO gunned away with speed, on top past the 1/8, set exceptionally fast numbers under the conditions, gave way midstretch but did preserve second. CHEYENNE REIDER gapped early, came out and retucked third around a gapper 5/8, outside stretch, couldn’t grab second but an acre ahead of the rest. STONEHOUSE ADAM spotted third at the 1/8, couldn’t keep up 5/8 but still was best of the others. WELL PLAYED OUT moved out 5/8, nothing in the lane. THE OTHERS were neat the back behind the fast fractions and never reached contention.


SECOND RACEST LADS FLIRT went up second-over, moved three-wide past the ¾ when his cover ran out of steam, back to two-wide headstretch, dug in through the lane and went by in hand. SOUTHWIND DIESEL made the lead 3/16, cut reasonable fractions, couldn’t withstand the winner although racing well. ADMIRAL grabbed the lead at the 1/8 and yielded 3/16 for the two-hole, Pocono Pike, not as much as the top two but much more than the rest. DAVID THE SAINT came out towards the ¼ but then took back into his own hole, not heard from again. BETTORHAVEONEMORE stayed in and got the last payday. SPORTS VISION was always far back. PIERCE went uncovered 3/8, grinded, almost got even with the pocket horse before the ¾ before starting to fade. SKY GUY tailed the winner but couldn’t go with him.


THIRD RACECRESURREY went on strongly to command, rated quarter two, then was clear much of the way from early backstretch to early frontstretch, was shortstriding late and had a horse coming on both sides, but found enough to preserve the victory. FRAC tucked third, was locked in behind a loose pocket horse and a fading first-over until late turn, then got out, gained and just missed. BOB N TONY raced out to the pocket, a bit loose in same from the 9/16 to headstretch, then to the Pocono Pike and missed by very little. KOLBEE’S STAR sat in, no-factor fourth well ahead of the rest of them. CASH BONUS followed the cover of MASSIVE TALENT into turn two, but neither could get in the main picture.  DOLCE DUCCI was always far back. SOUTHWIND LARADO was empty inside. MILLVILLE ROAD was out third-over but soon was gapping and went back inside.


FOURTH RACEFRANKY’S BEACH BOY started uncovered going to turn two, went in 27.3 to pressure the lead in the third quarter, went by before midstretch and was a safe winner. ART SCENE had a diagram second-over trip, wide headstretch, bore out in the lane and just did get second over ABBEYDORNEY. The latter went right to the top and pushed a foe hard to the 3/16 before yielding, stayed in, angled out into the path of the winner to midstretch and charged home well to just get photoed out of the deuce. IAMMRBRIGHTSIDE N was double-looped, tucked third past the 1/8, then brushed starting before the ¼ to get the lead 5/16, under pressure from the winner, tired. PRINCE OF POPS N was third-over and gradually tightened on cover down the back, evenly late. IDEAL COWBOY got locked in an early speed duel and made the top 3/16, yielded 5/16 for the pocket, empty late. LAUXMONT CAPRI couldn’t get into the main scene from fourth-over. THE OTHER TWO were always far back.


FIFTH RACETHE ONLYEST ONE tucked third to the first turn, popped out 5/8 and quickly got in gear, went up to challenge, went past midstretch and stayed strong to the finish. ROLL AWAY JOE stayed in, then got out “second-over” late turn in front of a gapper, wide and did well. WICK N left well, yielded 3/16 for the pocket, Pocono Pike, evenly. ONLYTHETUFFSURVIVE stayed in, gapped a bit on the turn, started to angle out early stretch and belatedly made up ground. IDEAL KISS was briefly three-wide then two-wide to the lead 3/16 in a 26.4 opener, slowed the half then picked up the pace, didn’t have it late tonight. PEMBROKE WILDCAT was the first to move from last, got cover then gapped it much of the last half. TARPORT ANDY never featured.


SIXTH RACECHELSEES A WINNER went right to the lead, yielded past the ¼ but was quick on the retake, had an open lead from the 9/16, kept to task to the wire in a fast mile. CHOCOTURE tucked third at the 1/8, came outside late turn and made up some ground on the long-gone winner. WINNERESS was three-high to turn one, made the lead before the 5/16, quickly yielded for the pocket, loose from the 9/16, little left late. ALEXANDER HANOVER gapped on the far turn. FRANKIE MULLINS came uncovered into turn two but got no closer than the throat of third-in horse in a fast mile. THE OTHERS couldn’t work into a contending spot from the rear of the pack.


SEVENTH RACEMR D’S DRAGON settled in third at the 3/16, could have gone up the inside in the stretch as the pocket horse pulled but chose to angle wide early stretch, had the most kick late and won measuring. UF ROCKIN DRAGON left, yielded for the pocket, moved outside late turn after the first-over backed off, second-best. MARTY MONKHOUSER A made the lead past the 1/8, set a reasonable pace, didn’t have the quickstep of the other two late. MASTER OF PUPPETS slid in fourth at the 1/8, uncovered at the half, didn’t advance that much before fading. NIALL HANOVER was far back, came between horses on the turn as a foe bore out, got the last check. HES GONE BADDER never featured. CORNER CON ARTIST was struggling to keep up most of the way. BUNKNDUNK moved outside but didn’t go forward, then bore wide to the ¾.


EIGHTH RACEMARINER SEELSTER took the lead going into turn one, rated the half, then had too much for these in the second half. CONCUR sat third, under a big hold 3/8, outside stretch and made up a little ground but didn’t threaten. IWILLMAKEYOUSAYWOW tucked fourth at the 3/16, stayed in, gained inside early stretch then angled out and closed well for third. SI SEMALU was away well to keep the pocket, little to offer late. ROCK THREE TIMES advanced first-over in the slow second quarter, then floated outside raw, evenly. TULLOW N gapped second-over. THE OTHER PAIR were always far back.


NINTH RACEDELCO PAPA BEAR was away fourth, stayed in and was able to advance to the pocket late on the backstretch, to the Pocono Pike, just had enough to defeat BB’S HARLEY. The latter stayed in, able to slip out midturn as the third-over gapped, four-wide in the lane and finished nicely to just miss. THAT MAN OF MINE tucked third, then quarter-moved but was left outside nearing the length of the frontstretch before clearing in by far the faster half, couldn’t carry his speed all the way to the wire. FOX VALLEY INFERNO came up the rail all the way from last to the deep Pocono Pike, but couldn’t summon enough rally. WILD BILL M left and settled in the early pocket, came out when the two-holer pulled, three-wide late turn, just a bit shy. PICKLED PREACHER made the lead at the 1/8 in a fast opener, strung out the early brusher past the 3/8 before yielding, then pulled out again 5/8, but had little left in the stretch. ROLL WITH FRED did not feature. JK HEAVEN SENT gapped third-over.


TENTH RACEMUSIC IS ART pulled at the ¼ behind a live parked horse and was carried up a long, long way, three-wide ¾ through the turn, bore out in the stretch to about 4½-wide but had enough pace to get the nod. I’M A BIG DEAL was parked to a 26.2 opener, went on enough to dissuade an early rusher, was under pressure the whole way, held very courageously. MIKE’S Z TAM used the rail to advantage and pushed the fast quarter before yielding, was rebuffed on a 3/8 brush attempt, stayed in the pocket until going to the Pocono Pike, a step shy. DEETZY was outside the mile, in midpack to the half then went up to challenge, stayed in the fight most of the stretch in a fine showing. BALLARAT BOOMERANG spotted, edged out to third-over 5/8, but did not factor. SEVENS HOPE A was away third, shuffled as the field was tightly-packed to the ¾, had room in the stretch but no horse. HEREHECOMESAROCKIN never factored. STORMONT CZAR A was outside, pushed three-wide 5/8 and gained later backstretch, but ran on the far turn. ARCHANGEL THREE developed a problem well before the half.


ELEVENTH RACECENTURY CHURCHILL went to the lead nearing turn one, yielded at the 1/8, stayed in until nearing headstretch then swung three-wide, had the best late kick of the three forward-most racers. LATE MAIL N got in front at the 1/8, yielded to the brusher, sat close in the pocket until headstretch, closed well but had to settle for second. FEELING CAM LUCKY quarter-moved, set the pace without pressure, but still had no answer at crunch time. BILBO HANOVER and ELECTRIC WESTERN stayed in and avoided congestion outside them; the former did well angling wide, the latter did OK inside. HALLIE’S COMET was stuck behind sluggish two-wide foes, ducked in for the drive and beat them out. WAR-N-MUNN was third-over, four-wide late turn, couldn’t get into it. WHAT’S GOIN ON moved raw past the 3/8, mildly gained to the 5/8, started falling back ¾. CALVIN B was second-over, three-wide just past midturn, very little.


TWELFTH RACEMAXDADDY BLUE CHIP was outside 5/16, behind struggling cover, wound up third-over 5/8, three-wide just past the ¾ and went a very solid last quarter to be along very late. LIMELIGHT BEACH left, eased back to the pocket before the 3/16, outside headstretch, never had the lead, steadily. PRETTY BOY HILL took control from the pole forcing tucks, rated the half, held the lead a good part of the stretch but then outpaced. TRACK MASTER D gapped at the ¾, next in line. CITY HALL hugged the inside and got the last payday. PERSISTENT THREAT A was out behind the winner but couldn’t match his far turn move. HALL BRO was three-wide to the first turn, tucked third 3/16, came out raw 5/8 but didn’t menace, then tired. VILLE VALO was out raw 3/8, got cover 5/8 but couldn’t go with it.