Connor’s Comments for Saturday, November 3



FIRST RACE – Mid-40s, slight stretch headwind to start … THE ONLYEST ONE left between horses, soon backed off to tuck third, slid out to second-over 5/8, three-wide late turn, toughest in a big three-way stretch battle. THAT MAN OF MINE was the innermost of the trio of quick starters, got the winner to tuck then surrendered the lead 3/16 only to quarter-move, rated the second split, under hard pressure down the back and around much of the turn, then had two good foes, each to a side, in the lane, held well for a DH2 with WICK N. The latter was three-wide almost to the first turn then two-wide to 3/16 command, yielded to the retaker and stayed close, went to the Pocono Pike, tried hard to the end. DELCO PAPA BEAR raced close up then angled wide in the lane, a couple of steps shy.  ROLL AWAY JOE started uncovered at the 3/8 and was at the leader before the 5/8, pressed hard until midturn, then grudgingly gave ground bit by bit, holding well overall. BB’S HARLEY gapped outside. WELL PLAYED OUT offered little.


SECOND RACEMANDELA BLUE CHIP got a good second-over trip behind battlers, three-wide midturn, kept going forward but got the decision only in the shadow of the wire. EXPLOSIVE ZETTE was three-wide to the 3/16, tucked third just before the ¼, made a second move starting at the half, battled up raw, got a nose up 50 feet from the wire but was just nipped. FRANKIE MULLINS went on between horses nearing the 1/8 and was two-wide most of the ¼, yielded at the half and stayed close in the pocket, to the Pocono Pike, put a nose up midstretch, just caught by horses three- and two-wide of him. CON AIR HALL was third-over, a bit shy of the top trio. DELI-DELITE came out 5/16 and proceeded up to the lead at the half, didn’t get much rest, not enough late, reported back with “b.e.” EL PESCADORO used the rail to early advantage to have the two-hole at the ¼, inside, empty ¾. QUICK DEAL broke just before the start.


THIRD RACENIALL HANOVER spotted fourth, moved out 9/16 and was quickly three-wide before the 5/8 to go back to two-wide and then to the front 11/16, quickly opened a huge lead he never surrendered. ROCKIN ROGER got into the sweeping lane, three-wide to two-wide midturn, outclosed FOOL OF IDEAS for the place. The latter couldn’t stay with the winner’s big move past the 5/8, three-wide to two-wide to the pocket midturn, couldn’t last for place. NIALL HANOVER was furthest back of the horses staying connected, outkicked the rest for a very distant fourth. HUGH HEFNER N was away in the pocket behind the early streaker and kept the hole closed during cutthroat fractions, got wedged in behind the simultaneously-fading pacesetter and parked horse and horribly shuffled out of contention – a “throw-out” line. FIVE CARD DRAW N and BUNKNDUNK lost contact with the field before the ¼. SOVEREIGN BANNER N was looped early and left out in the air during the wild fractions, left behind late backstretch. WILD BILL M had a high turn of early foot to immediately clear, wouldn’t let the parked horse go in blazing numbers, paid the price 11/16.


FOURTH RACEARCHANGEL THREE looked at leaving but took back, came uncovered before the ½, speed-grinded his last half in 54.4 raw, took the advantage to deep stretch and withstood DULL ROAR. The latter stayed in then angled sharply in front of a gapper late turn into the lane, might have taken it all if finding his top gear just a little earlier. LATE MAIL N was outermost of four leavers, pressed on and made the lead 3/16 in a 26.3 opener, rated quarter two then gradually had the winner edge up on him, stayed in the battle pretty well. ROYAL HEART used the rail to advantage to sit the golden seat, Pocono Pike, not enough. ROCK THREE TIMES sat in, no-factor best of the rest. BIG N BAD was underway 3/8 and got cover early on turn two, couldn’t stay with it the last ¼. ALTA LEROY N was fourth-in, moved out to third-over 3/8 then three-wide on the turn but not with much. PONDA’S PROSPECT was outside but was gapping coming off turn two. SI SEMALU had little chance behind horses in last.


FIFTH RACE – Stretch headwind picking up; would stay significant for the rest of the night … DEETZY got the lead 3/16 and went fast-slow-fast-fast, drawing off at the ¾ and coasting home. BALLERAT BOOMERANG was away third, screaming for clearance on the far turn as locked in behind a tiring “pocketsitter-first-over wedge,” to the Pocono Pike and had enough to rerally for the deuce. MAXDADDY BLUE CHIP got a second-over trip from seventh, three-wide late turn and finished steadily. ELECTRIC WESTERN was wide with cover on the turn and passed the others. DERECHO was wide leaving, too back and tucked fourth, then was uncovered into the second turn, never got closer than a neck off the pocket horse before retreating. WAR-N-MUNN and HEREHECOMESAROCKIN never made any noise. LIMELIGHT BEACH raced out to the early lead then yielded 3/16 for the pocket, all done before the ¾.


SIXTH RACECINNABAR HALL started outside just past the 3/8, had cover then lost it, got to retuck in the pocket 5/8 and gradually tightened in on the new leader, ran that one down later under confident handling. ANDOVERS TOUCH tucked in front of an early gapper (ironically, the winner) before the ¼, then moved 3/8 and stormed up to grab command off turn two and open a big lead, was gradually reeled in by the winner but went well for the good second. SWISS PLATINUM was in the outer flow, uncovered on the turn, a distant third. MUZZY’S MUSCLES took back to third early, shuffled then backed out at the half, covered then coverless then tucking third before the ¾, little late. BERRY’S GIFT took the pocket, trapped in behind the tired leader but didn’t have much once escaping the shuffle. SWEETCHAP used the rail to set the pace in a quick first panel, rated the half but still was trotless when challenged early backstretch. SOUTHWIND LARADO broke off the turn before the start.


SEVENTH RACEOHIO LARRY started uncovered into turn two and got cover out of that bend, advanced, three-wide late turn, proved the best in the slowing last quarter. CEE PEE PANIC was far back, advanced in a blindswitch on the turn but then was trapped upper stretch, had to back out behind the winner then finished strongly (again, in a slowing quarter). DAVID THE SAINT was three-wide for 3/16, then two-wide before tucking third at the ¼, came coverless off turn two and battled, held well considering the usage in the early parts of the race. ADMIRAL left between horses to 3/16 command, yielded to sit the pocket, Pocono Pike, may have had his kick blunted by usage in the speedy numbers. PIERCE used the rail to advantage, yielded but moved to the top, had pressure, gave way. BEACH BLAST was stuck behind a wall of horses headstretch, found room between horses midstretch and had a good burst at the wire. SPORTS VISION didn’t get a call. ST LADS FLIRT came third-over, three-wide ¾ but had little to offer tonight. MAKE IT BIG sat in, went to the deep Pocono Pike, broke midstretch.


EIGHTH RACECHELSEES A WINNER left between horses, refused to take the pocket after being looped and went on to quarter command, rated quarter two into the wind, went 28 down the back and left the field behind from before the ¾. C-O-TO BLUEGRASS initially stayed in but got clearance when the second-over broke, outside to that spot before the 11/16, steadily for second. BROADWAY PROMISE and HALLANET were next in line in the outside flow and next in line at the wire. FRAC sat in, was caught in when the pocket horse faded, behind a wall headstretch, had some late trot while not appearing fully clear. CRESURREY was forwardly-placed early, uncovered on turn two, waved good-bye to the winner as did the rest of the field to the ¾. CANT U SPELL was three-wide before the 1/8 to loop the winner and get the lead, yielded, struggling before the 3/4. NATURAL KEMP was second-over 3/8, made a break coming off turn two.


NINTH RACEFOX VALLEY INFERNO raced away to the pocket as the two inside him on the gate were away slowly, rode the good trip, went to the Pocono Pike and worked his way past UF ROCKIN DRAGON. The latter rocketed right to the lead, rated the half then picked it up against a hard challenge down the back, held that one off but grudgingly gave way to the threat on his left. IDEAL COWBOY was a bit off the gate, second-over, three-wide midturn, fair. BIGTOWN HERO was well off the gate, third-over down the back, in on the turn then angled wide to headstretch and finished with gaining steps. MAKASI spotted third, came with a big rush down the back and put a neck up 5/8 but couldn’t clear despite going a big third split, fell back. THE OTHER PAIR were in the back throughout.


TENTH RACEDREAMS BEACHBOY hustled out to command then let a foe go to sit the pocket, went to the Pocono Pike and made the lead midstretch, finished strongly. MUSIC IS ART was raw from sixth 3/8, went 26.4 to go up to the leader, fell back a little in upper stretch then got back in high gear and was moving well at the wire. SPRINTER N was looped between horses and went to the point at the quarter, got a second quarter rest but none from there, outsprinted later after already having gone two hard quarters. SOMEWHERE FANCY sat in, blocked headstretch, had room to angle out early stretch and wasn’t bad. MIKE’S Z TAM gapped second-over down the back, evenly. BOOK BINGE angled very wide in the lane and had some pace on the end. THE OTHER PAIR never achieved prominence.


ELEVENTH RACEWESLYNN DANCER moved second-over, followed cover, three-wide near headstretch, very strongly through the lane after hot fractions. CONSOLIDATOR tucked third to the 1/8, moved out raw 5/8 as the top two got away a bit, gained steadily, outfooted by the horse on his back but just up for second over IN SECRET. The latter was on the move from fourth 3/16 to the lead 3/8 and kept up a crisp pace, just caught for second at the end. CRAZSHANA used the rail to seat two early rivals, then yielded to the chalk’s brush, Pocono Pike, not enough response. CHOCOTURE was caught in and shuffled on the far bend, some response once free in the lane.  SOUTHWIND CRUZE gapped third-over. AWAY MY BABY left, took the pocket at the 1/8, started gapping 5/8.


TWELFTH RACECITY HALL was second-over, a bit off cover 5/8 but tighter 11/16, wide, took a couple of steps to find his best gear but then had a solid last 1/16 and went right past these. CONCUR yielded for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike and got a short lead past midstretch at 25-1, not enough for the winner but did keep the place over URBAN RENEWAL. The latter was encouraged leaving and made the top, kept going at a steady clip, not enough late. ABBEYDORNEY started uncovered at the half, came with a rush early backstretch then never gained past the leader’s wheel. IAMMRBRIGHTSIDE N spotted third to the 1/8, not a factor thereafter. MARTY MONKHOUSER A swung wide but couldn’t get in the main picture. PREPPY ART was behind the winner but couldn’t keep up. SKYFUL OF LIGHTERS took back early, came out again fourth-over but was not a contender.