Connor’s Comments for Tuesday, October 30



FIRST RACE – From 47o to 40o through the card … MAGIC NIGHT took advantage of the post draw and put other leavers in behind him in a fast quarter, rated the pace, may have seen pocketsitting ALEXANDER HANOVER go by by a nose midstretch but kept fighting and got the victory. The latter took the pocket towards the first turn, rallied inside and as noted did get a small advantage midstretch, not quite enough. P L ICABOD was three-wide towards the 1/8 then took back to tuck third, moved outside behind the parked horse 5/8 then three-wide ¾ back to two-wide raw on the turn, challenged hard, stayed right in the fight to the line. BUFFALINO HANOVER sat in, gained through the stretch up the inside. CAJOLE HANOVER was outleft and ducked in fourth, outside behind the front three in the lane, evenly. MUSCLE FASHION was away last from the rail, never prominent.  PICTURE THIS came out behind the parked horse but gapped that cover. SIR JOHN F went up belatedly and was stuck two-wide in the air, looped to the ¾. NOBLE ANTHONY was outside early but broke at the half.


SECOND RACEBEACH BLAST ducked behind cover leaving and tucked fourth 3/16, outside raw past the 5/8 and under encouragement the entire last quarter, showed gameness to get his nose on the wire first. A AND C ARTIST was three-wide to the 1/8 then two-wide to command to the 3/16 in a fast quarter, kept up a quick tempo, fought hard and almost got home on top. MAJOR MARCUS left between horses and sat a pocket trip, Pocono Pike, a half-step shy. TONY CHEESECAKE was on top nearing the initial curve and pushed a bit before yielding, angled out behind the winner late turn and a path wider headstretch, a bit shy. SB IDEAL IN ART was uncovered 5/8, would have had cover if he could have reached it, evenly. THETRUTHABOUTDAVID sat midpack, no factor. THE OTHER THREE were never a part of the major action.


THIRD RACEJACKIE’S JIM was three-wide to the 1/8 then two-deep to the ¼ for the lead, yielded and sat in the pocket, outside early stretch and proved the strongest horse late. LUCKY RAINBOW came all the way up the inside and went steadily through the stretch. CHARIOT RACER moved at the quarter to the front past the 3/8, went on pretty well, but got tired late. LADY PALEMA had the pocket early, inside, out behind the winner early stretch, fair. CHRISTOPHER CRAZO had too far to come. COWBOY HALL was out early behind the second quarter brusher then was left coverless, didn’t reach the leader before fading. NO EXCUSES was second-over, three-wide past midturn but punchless. YOOPER left between horses, took a hole at the 1/8, made a break before the 5/8.


FOURTH RACEMARC MELLOW MAN just watched as his “fellow greys” battled very hard and then continued fighting each other, swung outside early stretch, continued to angle and then swept by everybody in a sharp last 1/16. GOTTA LOVE HIM moved outside 11/16 and three-wide ¾, circled the fading parked horse, steadily but outrushed. GYPSY LEATHER was pushed to a very hard 3/16 to get the top, set the pace under constant pressure, couldn’t make the lead stand. WHITE ROLLS hung a foe in a brutal first 3/16 before yielding for the two-hole, lost ground in the stretch. WHITE BLISS was parked with cover 3/16 and then coverless thereafter, held until just past he ¾.


 FIFTH RACEPUERTO RICO went right to the top and induced a tuck, rated the half, didn’t get pressure until the stretch, then withstood pocketsitter NORTHERN MAJOR. The latter was three-wide leaving then to two-wide and got into a big hole behind the winner 3/16, came out headstretch and slowly inched in, couldn’t quite make it. OB KEMP moved uncovered near the 5/8, never contended, settled for third. DIAMOND STARLIGHT improved position early then gapped in the 3-hole much of the first half, so-so. MISTER PHOTOGENIC had little to say about the outcome. LOGETTA HANOVER was trying to get something going from the rear part of the field but ran midturn. PONDA’S MUSCLE MAN miscued near the ¼. MISSION REVEALED broke w-a-y before the start.


SIXTH RACEALBANY GIRL was three-wide leaving, quickly made the front and continued at a good clip, clear from before the 5/8 and much the best here. OUR ELS DREAM N went with cover 5/8, two-wide raw on the turn after her cover tucked in the pocket, OK for second. FLIRTSWELL was looped and backed off to third at the 1/8, out again 5/8, tucked in a gaping pocket on the turn, not too much late. STONEBRIDGE PEARL was third-over, so-so. BAD NIGHT MARE used the rail to advantage for the two-hole, kept up in the pocket until the 5/8 then gradually backed off. SEW PSYCHED gained some down the back as the three in front of her pulled out, but couldn’t enter contention. THE BACK THREE were the back three throughout the race.


SEVENTH RACEANDOVERS TOUCH moved out behind a brusher to the 5/16, left uncovered 3/8 and worked to the lead before the ¾, quickly drew clear. HERE’S THE MAGIC tucked in fifth at the ¼, stayed inside, went to the Pocono Pike and came on late for the no-factor second. LET HER GO quarter-moved to 3/8 command, under pressure from the winner before the 5/8, yielded to the ¾, lasted for third in a photo over MILLVILLE ROAD. The latter was last, moved into a dull cover flow, circled wide on the far turn and did well to be in the picture for third. KEYSTONE BODACIOUS went to the lead, put a horse in behind, yielded for the pocket, got back outside to the ¾ but couldn’t gain. MUSCLESANDMARTINIS never factored. BARRY’S GIFT took the pocket before the first turn, moved out behind the winner 9/16 but lost cover before the ¾ and was finished at that point. FLASHBACKS was outside but gapped.


EIGHTH RACESENTENCING MEMO left strongly between horses and sat in the pocket behind fast fractions, to the Pocono Pike and went by easily. BIG TOP HANOVER blasted away wide to clear to the 1/8 and set a fast quarter and half, held off all but the pocket rocket. POINTSMAN was put under encouragement to the 11/16 and moved outside, didn’t gain but didn’t lose much ground either. HES GONE BADDER was no factor inside. NAMEISONTHEHALTER was far back in the strung-out field, got room in the Pike and closed for the final check. WINDSONG NAPOLEON went three-wide around the parked horse 5/8, back to two-wide but never reached cover. SOUTHERN PURSUIT N and YANKEE DEVIL had little to offer here. ROCKIN THE HOUSE left but lacked the requisite speed to contend, faded before the 5/8.


NINTH RACEWINWOOD SCOUT was three-wide early, two-wide before the 1/8 and went up, got into the pocket 3/16, came out into the stretch and gradually forged to the lead. ARAKIS left nicely and was on top before the 1/8, put up a fast quarter then was in no hurry the middle half, couldn’t rebuff the winner but won a photo for second over LAKEVIEW TAMMY although tiring a bit late. The latter looked to leave but got very rough early and took back, came out 9/16 and flushed cover 5/8, left uncovered when her cover broke midturn and then got rough again, then stayed steady in the lane. CELEBRITY MASERATI got a good early spot although not holding the pocket, inside, so-so. EVERYONE’S TALKIN moved outside on the second turn, gapped in the two-wide tier, then found good strides belatedly. LATOKA and HAILEYSGONEDANCIN never featured. FROST FREE HANOVER finally came out raw 5/8, made a good move nearing and past the ¾ but then jumped offstride midturn.


TENTH RACEECLIPSE ME N moved uncovered 5/8 and made a quick move to gain contention, stormed by the lead late on the turn and ran off in the latter stages. TRUTH AND LIBERTY was last, stacked widest and had a solid last 1/8 to be a clear second. TAY TAY M got cover but gapped it, got past those involved early. ATTENTION HANOVER went to the lead, forced one horse to tuck twice then yielded for the pocket, outside behind the winner past midturn, just caught for third late. LADY SHADOW was outside with cover early, waited for the dynamics at the ¼ to play out then rushed up to 5/16 command, went on steadily, readily gave way in the lane. LK’S NANCY LEE took the pocket, thought about a brush in front of LADY SHADOW just before the ¼ then retucked, sat in, came up empty late.


ELEVENTH RACEBRING ME DIAMONDS left strongly from the rail, yielded in the fast opener, then brushed quickly 5/16 to command, had pressure from the half, shook clear ¾ as a three-wide “wedge” blocked those avenues of advancement, handily. FAMILY ROLL CALL was third-over, had to go four-wide midturn to create a lively tier for advancement, steadily for second. DELIGHTFULLY WILD kept up early, inside, stuck in when the pocketsitter gave way to the ¾, outside early stretch after the winner was gone and had solid pace between horses. A PLUS stayed in and was also blocked on the turn, to the Pocono Pike and narrowed in. GLENFERRIE BRONTE N swung four-wide with cover from last on the far turn, along for the last check. MEDIA QUEEN N was three-wide early then two-wide to the lead 3/16 in the fast opener, yielded for the two-hole, fell back in the last quarter. EMBASSY SEELSTER came uncovered just as the winner cleared 3/8, battled that one through the third quarter then tired, clogging the two-wide tier. HEAVENS DANCER was second-over, moved three-wide on the far turn but only clogged the three-wide tier. AMERICAN IMAGE never was close.


TWELFTH RACECLAREBEAR had early speed, came out of third off turn two, stormed up and cleared to the lead before the ¾ then finished out her third split in 26.2, stayed looking for more racetrack to the wire. CRACKLIN ROSIE moved uncovered at the half then quickly found cover, couldn’t stay with it 5/8, ducked in third on the far turn, to the Pocono Pike and just won the distant-second photo over JUXTA COWGIRL. The latter made two speed moves to set the tempo, couldn’t resist the winner to the ¾, but stayed gamely in the battle for second, losing that spot in the last step. MISS HILL started uncovered on turn two then quickly found cover, gapped some and was left raw on the far turn, next in line. GIGI FROM FIJI was three-wide nearing the first turn then two-wide to get the lead at the ¼, yielded, gapped out from the 11/16. THE REST were too far back in a fast mile with a fast last half.


THIRTEENTH RACEKEYSTONE TENACIOUS was four-wide early then three-wide then dropped down behind cover to the 1/8, covered to the 5/16 then raw and went up to the lead just before the quick half, clear down the back and looked in control to the wire despite the hard half. LISBURN was two-wide and looped early, went up to get command well past the 26.2 opener, yielded just before midrace, gapped a little down the back, got closer on the turn, but couldn’t dent the winner’s margin late. SPOILERONTHEBEACH was second-over, had to quickly move three-wide before midturn as the first-over tired badly, steadily to the wire. LEGAL POWER left widest and circled everybody before the 1/8, pushed the 5/16 and yielded, stayed connected, couldn’t quite rally for the show dough. DEWAR N JACK and NIGHT CLUB HANOVER never entered the main picture. CALIFORNIA CRUISIN was uncovered at the half, never headed the gapping pocket horse down the back, then backed up in the last ¼. REAGAN’S AVENGER was rough and gapping before the ¼.


FOURTEENTH RACEPRAIRIE SWEETHEART was looped leaving, proceeded onward to the lead 5/16, yielded for the pocket, came out before the ¾ and went right by the leader, an easy winner. SHUTTHEFRONTDOOR was uncovered off the second turn and gained down the back, got cover to the ¾ but couldn’t stay with her, went on to be a clear second. HIGHLY THOUGHT OF made the lead 3/16 and yielded 5/16, stayed in, stuck in on the far turn then swung behind the place horse near headstretch, third-best. FROG POND PRINCESS gapped throughout. GIRLOFYOURDREAMS offered little. PARTY BEACH was three-wide most of the ¼, made the lead 3/8, had no response when the winner came calling ¾. WINRLOSEDRNKDABOZE was first on the lead, yielded, inside, gapped ¾, last but gets an extra point for the name.