Connor’s Comments for Saturday, September 29



FIRST RACEPICKLED PREACHER took the pocket early and kept the two-hole closed while the pace was argued, outside headstretch and zipped right on by, big winner. OUTCRY tucked third, sat in, to the Pocono Pike, enough for second. ROLL WITH FRED left well inside foes to the lead, had a horse come up and put pressure on him from the 3/8 on, tired in the stretch. AN THE THUNDEROLLS was buried inside, gained in the deep Pike, finished with “b.e.” MAKE IT BIG stayed in, little to offer late. CONCUR moved outside to the 5/8 but couldn’t reach cover. SPORTY MERCEDES was wide towards the first turn, briefly went inside 3/16 but was on the move forward at the ¼, got to the leader 3/8 and pressured him, couldn’t gain in the last ¼. THE OTHER PAIR were always near the back.


SECOND RACEMY CHERRY PIE tucked at the 1/8, then followed the parked horse going into turn two, three-wide past the 5/8 and grinded, to two-wide midturn, still fourth nearing midstretch but steadily and took the decision in the 30.1 last quarter. BROADWAY PROMISE moved out in a blindswitch from  last, backed out to join the three-wide tier on the turn then was four-wide headstretch, went from eighth at the stretch call to miss a neck, photoing out two rivals to take second. LAKEVIEW TAMMY sat, out in a blindswitch headstretch, to the path behind the winner, didn’t find top strides until late then gained. ARCH CREDIT quickly got the top and set a fast pace, held the lead until under 100 feet out. SKEEZIX was third-over, left three-wide uncovered on the turn, a bit behind the top ones. LIONBACKER KIDD went away to garner the pocket, Pocono Pike, little to offer late. VERY VERY FAST was fast leaving but not fast enough, three-wide to the 1/8 then two-wide raw the duration without reaching the leader’s wheel, faded ¾. BUCKETLIST HANOVER tucked third, went to the deep Pike and looked in contention midstretch but broke and ran home.


THIRD RACECARMENS BEST was three-wide to the 1/8, went on to grab the lead 3/16 in a fast quarter, got a small breather in Q2 then sped up, saw the first-over NORTHERN ASSASSIN A duck in behind midturn as the two-holer unplugged, warded off the inside challenge of that one. The latter left with cover, tucked midpack 3/16, underway again to the 3/8, gradually advanced though not on the leader, into the pocket midturn, tried again inside in the lane, never closer than at the finish. OUTSIDER spotted at the 1/8, then moved second-over, left uncovered midturn, OK+ late. SAM’S ESCAPE kept a hole closed, shuffled some on the turn as the pocketsitter backed up, outside headstretch and had some finishing lick. MOM’S CROSSROADS couldn’t enter the main picture from third-over. MASTER OF PUPPETS was on the grandstand side finishing with some speed. HURRICANE HOWARD used the rail to be in the thick of it early, emerged with the pocket, but started to unplug gradually from the 5/8. BIG DUTCH gapped. NAKED CITY left between horses but took back and tucked, gapped ¾.


FOURTH RACEVORACITY was two-wide with cover behind the early three-way dance, left uncovered just past the 3/16 and went up to the lead 3/8, kept rolling on the lead, very god to defeat a very good BALLERAT BOOMERANG in fast time. The latter was three-wide to the 1/8 and pressed on to the lead just past the 3/16, pushed the winner some then yielded, gapped a little on the turn, but had a strong comeback in the Pocono Pike. AWESOMENESS left between horses and briefly had the lead 1/8 before yielding it, sat in, clear third. RIPROY followed three-wide cover from far back, widest, best of the rest. DOO WOP HANOVER joined the outer flow, three-wide at the ¾ but couldn’t make much happen. BARIMAH A was used to the 1/8 from the rail, yielded, back out raw to turn two, got to within about a half-length of the winner 5/8 but then had no more gain. SANTIAGO STYLE and MAKASI were far back throughout. RUB OFTHE GREEN N moved second-over but gapped from early in the backstretch.


FIFTH RACETWO AM tucked third at the 1/8, then went uncovered starting into turn two, applied big pressure on the leader just past the 5/8, got the lead when the pacesetter broke nearing headstretch, safely. CONSOLIDATOR left and yielded for the pocket, wound up second headstretch with the winner going by and the breaker to the infield, enough to withstand MISS RUBY. The latter came clear and finished willingly. LAZURUS (the trotter) stayed in, Pocono Pike, OK. CASA PALMERA did not have good cover, evenly. KARETS was second-over behind the winner but struggled most of the last half. AWAY MY BABY made the lead at the 1/8 and kept on rolling, under huge heat from the winner late backstretch and through most of the turn, broke nearing headstretch and went inside the pegs, placed. CADILLAC CRUISER was far back. … Five races, five favorites – that’ll be changing.


SIXTH RACEZERO THE HERO was innermost of three leavers, sat the pocket trip, to the Pocono Pike and raced well late. DAVIDS COMING HOME gradually got tight to cover second-over late backstretch, three-wide nearing headstretch, finished well. OHIO LARRY tucked third into the first turn, sat in, then sharply angled out late turn to four-wide by early stretch, strongly late. SONNY SOMEWHERE was out just past the 1/8 before getting the lead, rested in quarter two then sped things up, not enough in the stretch. WHERE’S THE BOSS sat in, evenly. SOUTHWIND DIESEL was uncovered approaching turn two, gained nicely early backstretch then made less of an impression the further they went. OHOKA TEXAS N gapped third-over. HES GONE BADDER was never in the picture.


SEVENTH RACE – A memorable debut for trainer Michael Seddon: SOME GOLD kept plugged-in behind the hotly-contested pace, got clear in the Pocono Pike as the two-holer pulled and came up strongly  to pay $230.80 as the trainer’s first-ever charge going to the gate. AMERICAN VENTURE left, yielded 3/16 and stayed tight in the two-hole behind hot fractions, outside headstretch and good but outkicked to his inside. FATHER SARDUCCI stayed in behind the winner, moved out headstretch then back inside and finished with pace. WHAT’S GOIN ON quarter-moved behind cover but his cover didn’t clear, briefly three-wide 3/8 to try to circle the lead logjam but back to second-over, badly blindswitched 11/16 all the way through the turn, clear as the parked horse bore out, finished well after hard luck. IAMMRBRIGHTSIDE N had the speed to clear 3/16, then hung out a challenger in very fast numbers, tired in the stretch. BONDI HANOVER didn’t have much inside. MISTER TRUTH moved third-over, three-wide past the 5/8 but clogged that tier when not gaining much; WHITE BLISS followed in but never got anything going. SLUGGEM N was looped leaving, that was left out in the air to dry from the ¼ onward in fast numbers, faded ¾.


EIGHTH RACEGEEZ JOE was last, gapping from the half to midturn, then swung wide and had a tremendous last 1/16 to win going away without urging. COWBOY TERRIER had cover to the ¼, then went up to get the lead 3/8, yielded at the half and stayed semiconnected in the fast third quarter, gradually tighter then to the Pocono Pike, to the lead midstretch and had a length lead 50 yards out, but couldn’t stall the buzzsaw. EVER AGAIN was hung out to the ¼ before getting the lead, saw two go by in quarter two, outside ¾, steadily. BRUCE’S MAGIC went evenly. PRETTY BOY HILL was underway from fifth just as the lead changed hands 3/8, brushed to the lead at the half and strung out the field in quarter three with a 27.1 split, but then tired in the lane. RUFO forced the ¼ and yielded, not heard from again. ROYAL HEART was in traffic much of the stretch. IDEAL ROCKY never factored.


NINTH RACESEVENS HOPE A was in the middle of the three-across phalanx behind the early leader, worked up to command to the 5/16, rated quarter two then sped up down the back, fought off a hard uncovered challenge on the turn then turned his view to the left and held off the Pocono Pike threats. MEANT TOBE SHOOTER streaked away to instant command, pushed the winner then yielded for the pocket, to the Pike and had his chance but not quite enough. PRINCE OF POPS was looped and three-wide to the first turn before taking back, stayed in, deep Pike, OK+ late. ALL DOWN THE LINE raced close to the pace, didn’t have to move out until 11/16, challenged hard on the turn but couldn’t sustain the bid late. EASTEND EDDIE was underway before turn two, didn’t get cover for a quarter mile while advancing slowly, then got cover but gapped it; NEXT SUCCESS was right behind the 5% horse but also couldn’t get into it. OWOSSO FLASH had to swing widest, OK from an impossible spot. BUSBOY HANOVER and CITY HALL never were major factors.


TENTH RACERODEO ROMEO was looped early, went up to get the lead off the first turn, helped his chances greatly with a 29 rest in the second quarter, then sped up and had at least a length lead until midstretch, when the dogged STORMONT CZAR A inched in, just held off that rival. The latter was uncovered going into turn two, never got to the flank of the winner until midstretch, but proved tremendously brave late and kept on coming in just missing. RODEO ROCK had an ideal trip second-over, wide, just a bit shy. IDEAL KISS again showed great early foot to clear to the first turn, pushed the winner then yielded off the first bend for the pocket, Pocono Pike, held his ground well but couldn’t gain at crunch time. MUSIC IS ART had an excess of cover, finished well albeit belatedly. YS LOTUS had little chance from where he was, pacing well under the wire widest. SAMS TRIPLE CROWN never got a call. GILLYS BOY was away well for good position, but never reemerged as a major force. FEELING CAM LUCKY didn’t have much from third-over.


ELEVENTH RACEPEMBROKE WILDCAT left hard between horses and got the pocket at the 1/8, used the Pocono Pike to gain an advantage midstretch, just held ONLYTHETUFFSURVIVE. The latter pushed the outside two quick starters to the 1/8 then yielded, stayed in, came out headstretch but had to check early stretch as wanting to lug in, finally got sufficiently wide of the tiring pacesetter and had good late steps. VERDAD sat in, did OK. SKYWAY BOOMER was second-over but wasn’t getting a lot out of his cover so ducked in to the 5/8, then swung wide in the lane and was next. POLAK A was three-wide past the 1/8 to the front past the 3/16 in a swift initial stanza, rested then took off again down the back, not much left from before midstretch. TOWNSLIGHT HANOVER had poor cover from far back. THE ONLYEST ONE was first-up towards turn two but never mounted a threat. ST LADS FLIRT never featured here.


TWELFTH RACESTILL FRISKIE left well, yielded just past the quarter for the pocket, outside in the lane and wore down DELCO PAPA BEAR. The latter got to the front just past the ¼, got a small breather then sped up with the outer tier never really reaching, couldn’t hold off the winner but far ahead of the rest. FOX VALLEY INFERNO advanced inside when the two-wide tier formed, stuck in on the turn, got to the Pocono Pike after the top two were gone and had some finishing kick. BUNKNDUNK was second-over, three-wide ¾ but flattened out quickly. BETTOR IN BLUE gapped third-over. WAR DADDY stayed in, empty late on the turn. LONE WOLF TERROR lost contact with the main group. CORNER CON ARTIST was also gapping when breaking past the half.


THIRTEENTH RACEBLAYDE HANOVER was three-wide leaving, then two-wide before making the top before the 3/16, came home with twin 27.1s in an impressive win. MIKE’S Z TAM used the rail to maximum advantage and worked out the pocket trip, not enough to handle the lead but kept the rest at bay. TULLOW N was looped nearing the 1/8 and tucked third, maintained that position. BELL I NO was out to follow the parked horse before the 3/8, three-wide past the 5/8 to get to two-wide before the ¾, not too much. BOOK BINGE gapped inside. URBAN RENEWAL was never a factor. SKYFUL OF LIGHTERS was parked with cover until the 3/16 then was left out in the air, never menaced before fading. MIKADO BLUE CHIP was near the rear throughout.


FOURTEENTH RACEREBELLIOUS followed good cover, three-wide before midturn and was the strong horse through the lane. BILBO HANOVER forced much of a contested ¼ then yielded, sat in third, to the Pocono Pike and moved well late for the deuce. SOHO WALLSTREET A was between horses most of the ¼, wound up in the two-hole and had trouble keeping with the runaway lead much of the middle half, then closer, outside late turn keeping the winner wide, OK. PERSISTENT THREAT A rushed through at the start but was four-wide into turn one and three-wide most of the ¼, got the top just past that point, headstrong in quarter two to a very fast clocking, more ratable down the back, but not enough in the stretch. BADIX HANOVER slid a tuck behind the four early duelers, sat in, evenly. DULL ROAR was shuffled, moved out, gapped. MAXDADDY BLUE CHIP moved at the ¼ without cover, made little gain in the second panel but got closer in the third, only to tire past that point. ARCHANGEL THREE was three-wide to the 1/8, backed off for a midpack tuck, shuffled, little. MORE DRAGON made a brief break before turn one, never regained his best action.