Connor’s Comments for Tuesday, September 25



FIRST RACE – “Good +1” conditions throughout this evening … JACK RULES lagged cover a bit third-over, but swung to the center of the track in the stretch and closed strongly to edge NEW IDENTITY. The latter left but took the pocket, caught behind the tired pacesetter on the turn, out into a blindswitch late turn, then angled inside two paths to the Pocono Pike and finished sharply, unlucky not to go back to the winners circle. CAJOLE HANOVER was rough tucking third past the 1/8, uncovered 9/16 and went up to challenge and then pass the leader ¾, not quite enough to the line. SERIOUS SAVANNAH was out behind the winner, steadily but too far to come. MANDELA BLUE CHIP got in midpack 3/16, then moved uncovered only to soon get cover, but gapped the first-over, evenly. KANDY KORN was shuffled, never fully clear, gained some late. KEYSTONE BODACIOUS motored away from the rail in a big first quarter, nothing in reserve when challenged late backstretch.


SECOND RACEDAVID THE SAINT left between horses to 1/8 command, yielded 3/16 then quarter-moved to control the throttle, went along at a decent clip in the circumstances, had a little space between him and the field the last 5/16. BEACH BLAST left some then quickly took a hole, first-up off the second turn, grinded away and held his ground very staunchly. A AND C ARTIST was away alertly, caught in, had to wait for the Pocono Pike then had a good response once shown racetrack. THEON HANOVER was second-over, not enough in the stretch. ESPRIT DE KAYJAY A was three-wide towards the 1/8 to command 3/16, yielded for a two-hole trip, slightly loose in that spot the last 3/8. FLIGHT AGAIN sat in, not too much, then broke late, placed. ONHISHONOR HANOVER was third-over, gapped ¾. THE OTHER PAIR never featured here.


THIRD RACEACTRESS HANOVER was first to show off the gate, rode inside third, didn’t advance to a tight pocket when the two-holer pulled, slightly affected when that one shied in midturn, then picked up her game a bit when into the Pocono Pike and led a tote board explosion with a $140.20 payoff. TYPHOON sat in, avoided trouble, rallied inside for second. MICHELLE’S PRIDE was three-wide to the lead just past the 1/8, rated the half, then sped up down the backstretch, was still in charge at 42-1 early stretch but tired a little. LOUNATIC left between horses and got in the pocket just past the 1/8, pulled out 11/16, bore in midturn then bore out, in the latter case causing major interference, fair, but DQd for causing trouble. UNDER THE HOOD followed cover two- and three-wide, shoved wider near headstretch, finished very well. LINDA LACE HANOVER was uncovered at the half, got cover 11/16, three-wide on the turn then shoved wider, OK. TAKE ABIT OF LIFE was far back, then bothered. AMERICAN MARILYN lost contact early.


FOURTH RACENORTHERN SWIFT left some, moved out 5/16, briefly had cover then went on to command just past the 3/8, shook off the first-over ¾, appeared to be passed by DARK FORCE inside her before deep stretch but went on and got her nose on the line first. The latter was looped, didn’t tuck but went on to 5/16 command, relinquished for the pocket, Pocono Pike, as noted appeared to get a nose up past midstretch, just nipped. PARKIN IN HEAVEN tucked fourth 3/16, sat in, deep Pike, finished steadily. THAT’S AMAZING went to the front into turn one, hung a foe to the 5/16 then yielded, backed out to second-over 5/8 in front of a gapper, three-wide midturn, found her best strides a mite too late. FLIRTSWELL gapped early, then caught up by the 3/8 and soon started a good first-over move, went 27.3 down to back into contention, but started to flatten a little ¾. CARLY GIRL gapped third-over. BIG BAD BABY offered little. MOCHA MAYHEM misbehaved coming off the turn before the start.


FIFTH RACEWYNNFRITH was quickly to command, unthreatened the last 3/8. CC BIG BOY SAM had an excess of cover, three-wide with cover on the turn to four-wide headstretch, finished well to gain second over SB IDEAL IN ART. The latter was uncovered into turn two to get around a gapper, stayed two-wide although gapping, gradually got closer, three-wide late turn as the first-over couldn’t sustain, steadily but couldn’t hold second. CHARMBRO CURIOSITY slid in third at the 1/8, outside 5/8 as the pocket horse gapped, not enough to go past that one and retuck, next-best. SKY GUY went around the gapper and retucked at a distance down the back, fair. THETRUTHABOUTDAVID maintained the pocket leaving, but unplugged down the back. ALL OVER THE WORLD started gapping 3/8. THE REMAINING DUO never entered the picture.


SIXTH RACEHERE COMES CASH spotted early, then had a fine second-over trip, three-wide midturn, went by late while confidently handled. MR COOL SEAEYRE N was away fifth from the rail, came uncovered 3/16 and needed a quarter-mile to clear to the lead, got little rest then faced the first-over, handled that one, lasted very gamely. MASSACAIA was away for the early pocket, moved out third-over 11/16, stayed two-wide on the turn then went inside the first-over horse in the stretch, steadily while possibly in tight quarters nearing the line. RIDGEWAY SPRINGS started uncovered before the half, had a good battle with the pacesetter, held on well. SOUTHWIND LARADO gapped early, sat in, got the last check. PITTSTOP KIP was quickly in front, kept the place horse out until entering turn two then sat in the pocket, no response in the lane. DOLCE DUCCI had little chance from last. BUFFALINO HANOVER moved to the two-wide tier but could make no inroads.


SEVENTH RACEHEAVENS DANCER was very wide early then angled down to the inside, then got a good second-over trip, briefly three-wide past midturn then two-wide as the first-over could duck in, won in hand with no sweat. WINDY SPORT was four-wide in an early logjam, then down to two-wide covered 3/16, uncovered 5/16 to the lead 3/8, went on at a fast pace, no match for the winner, but held second with hustling tactics. HIGHLY THOUGHT OF started uncovered at the half and made a good third-quarter move to reach the leader, saw the gain stall there, could get into the pocket late on the turn, tried hard to the line. MY SISTER LUCIE put everybody in or kept them out early, yielded 5/16, shuffled behind a tired pocketsitter on the turn, recovered to be best of the rest. JUICE HANOVER tucked third past the 1/8, backed out to third-over 11/16, not too much. HAPPILY EVER AFTER maintained the pocket early, then quarter-moved in front of the eventual pacesetter, made the top then let him go, empty the last quarter. ROCKNROLL FAN was gapping by the 3/8. MEAN LEEN was three-wide going forward when offstride towards the 3/16.


EIGHTH RACETIDQUIST was uncovered into turn two, grinded up to challenge hard, made the lead headstretch, safe winner. ANDOVERS TOUCH sat in 3/8 and got jammed up going to turn two, made a break and ran in the infield the rest of the way (be mindful of that in looking at position and lengths off), placed to last. ALWAYS A GOOD TIME followed good cover, gapped it a little, up for 3p2 over IDLE BONES N. The latter got the lead early, forced a foe to a quick quarter then yielded to sit the pocket, stuck behind the leader as he gave way slowly latter turn, went to the Pocono Pike and just edged for second. ROUNDTOWN ROCKER was three- then two-wide until tucking third past the 1/8, shuffled late far turn then outside in a blindswitch, angled back inside and finished nicely after tough luck. DYNAMIC EDGE was three- then two-wide to quarter command in a quick starting number, rated the half then picked things up, gradually weakened the last ¼. ANDOVER THE CASH gapped his cover from far back. PRETTY EDGY sat in, pinned in on the far turn, but clear headstretch but with little.


NINTH RACEASK QUEENIE hustled out to command the throttle, had a big challenge from MISS IRISH ROSE A from the 5/8 onward, good to keep that game foe at bay. The latter was away last, outside at the ½, went three-wide before the 5/8 to two-wide raw after that point, paced 27.1 down the back and put relentless pressure on the winner the last 3/8, grudgingly gave a little ground in the lane but held second over A PLUS. The later maintained the pocket and had an A+ trip, Pocono Pike, a step and a half shy. BAD NIGHT MARE was not away well and was shuffled to last, angled across the track upper stretch and had finishing kick. ROCKLINDAROCK could not contend. SHADY STELLA suffered “b.e.” early, never got into contention. TRACEY’S DESIRE was three-wide to the first turn, looked for a hole but couldn’t find one and was left out on the rim, looped 5/8 and faded.


TENTH RACEMONICA GALLAGHER left and had early cover, in gear 3/16 and went on past the fast quarter to the lead 5/16, yielded before the half, went to the Pocono Pike and with strong encouragement got the decision. TRUTH AND LIBERTY was second-over, gapped slightly to the ¾ and through the turn, but had the throttle wide-open in the last half of the lane and just missed. SKIPPIN BY moved before the 3/8 to gain the lead at the half, went a fast third quarter, kept the lead until past midstretch. KAY’S DELIGHT had excess cover, wide and very good late. FREAKONOMICS made the front, pushed the leader to the 5/16 and yielded, deep in the Pike, a bit shy of the top ones late. CULINARY DELIGHT N finished well after having to come four-wide from a very hard spot. BRAZUCA was first-up into turn two, grinded, may have gotten a head up on the winner late turn but never reached the leader, lost position in the stretch but not much ground. TICA HANOVER could offer little.


ELEVENTH RACEJK MUSICMAN edged out at the half raw, got in serious gear near the 11/16 and challenged, proved strongest late. HANDSOFFMYCHIPS was towed along by the winner, wide, second-best. MAJOR ACTION sat in third, had to wait for deep Pocono Pike clearance, had a good response. ISLAND MUSIC was out 3/16 before hitting the front, yielded to the brusher, looked in helmet bumping  position at the ¾, but to the Pocono Pike and not too much late. ROCK LIGHTS let, yielded, quarter-moved, didn’t back it off too much, tired in the stretch. VELOCITY SUB Z had excess cover fourth-over, finished with some pace. MR HEAVEN was third-over, never tipped wide, no factor. JUMPING JAKE was originally third-over but gapped, ducked in 5/8, never clear in the stretch. GIRL CRAZY did not achieve prominence.


TWELFTH RACEBOXING GLOVES came out behind the “brusher” 3/8, left uncovered 9/16 when that one tucked in the pocket, gradually advanced and sailed by past the ¾, tons the best tonight in quick time. NO EXCUSES decided to take control from the pole and forced tucks, including one 9/16 from a challenger, couldn’t do anything about the winner but lasted for the distant second. KONNICHIWA had the winner’s cover but couldn’t stay with it ¾, kept at his task. CHRISTOPHER CRAZO looked to leave but took back with the speed of the horse to his inside, tried to quickstep 5/16 but was left outside, got into the pocket 9/16, couldn’t gain enough in the Pocono Pike for major minor honors. JOHNY VICTORY had cover, never entered the main picture. ONE FINE LADY was three-wide leaving, raced into the pocket 3/16, slowly fell back from the 9/16 onward. DRILL QUEEN was far behind, as was MISTER PHOTOGENIC. BODY SLAM broke w-a-y before the start and was pulled up by the quarter.


THIRTEENTH RACESAIL TO THE BEACH launched uncovered from sixth 3/8, speed-grinded from that point, never took a backward step and got to the top past midstretch. SKINNY DIPPER made two speed moves, had hounding pressure the last 5/16, held very well but overpowered. JUXTA COWGIRL was hard-used to clear at the 3/16, yielded for the two-hole, had her chance in the Pocono Pike but came up a step or so shy. CRACKLIN ROSIE was behind some dull ones in the outer tier, widest in the lane and in overdrive late. FAITHFUL DESIRE left some, sat in, deep Pike, not enough. GIGI FROM FIJI tucked fourth at the 1/8, shuffled back, had mild pace in late tight quarters. COLORFUL JASMINE had great cover but couldn’t stay with it. GINA GRACE N struggled to stay tight third-over. NARCIAN JEWEL never sparkled.


FOURTEENTH RACEFUTURE HEADLINES left, let a foe go then quarter-moved to regain the stick, set the pace as she pleased, had a clear lead on the turn and half of the stretch, then tired a little late and saw AMERICAN FILLY make it interesting late. The later started sharply to 1/8 command, yielded for the pocket, a bit loose ¾ to headstretch, then outside to midstretch and was narrowing in rapidly late. GIRLOFYOURDREAMS sat behind the top two, saw them get away the last ¼ but held third over OK HEAVENLY. The latter grinded up from far back, finished steadily. PIREAUS and YOUNG AMERICAN were never in the hunt. JULIO’S GIRL followed FAMILY ROLL CALL outside 3/8, was three-wide most of the second turn avoiding her after that one made a break, never in it.