Connor’s Comments for Saturday, June 30


FIRST RACE – Very warm (89o) … Stretch headwind … SCIROCCO BLUE CHIP made the lead 3/16 and headed right down the road, never pressured thereafter, won easily. IDEAL KISS sat in, avoided clogged outer tiers, angled wide midstretch and closed furiously. SIR BRADFORD popped the plugs 11/16 to try to stay tight, split tiring horses late. RUSTY CARTER used the rail to maintain the pocket but then came up empty. SOUTHWIND GENERAL stayed connected in third, moved outside late turn but had no gain. SPANISH ART was far back. BUCKEYE PRESIDENT moved behind the parked horse into turn two, three-wide 5/8 but devoid of a forward gear. ROCK POWER was behind dull cover. DELCO PAPA BEAR went shopping for a spot but found none, never got close out in the air before falling back.


SECOND RACECOURTLY CHOICE tucked fourth then gapped for over a ¼ mile behind the front-end fireworks, tighter to the second turn and uncovered by the half, streaked right on by 11/16 and called his own margin in a very big performance. HEAVENLY SOUND sat in and was shuffled back to last, came widest in the stretch and was just second over a bunch. KEYSTONE TENACIOUS followed cover two- and three-wide well off the winner, four-wide headstretch, just missed second. DONE WELL was three-wide to the 1/8 then took behind cover to the 25.3 quarter, left raw and up to the lead 3/8 in a 53.2 half, couldn’t answer the winner’s backstretch move after the very tough early involvement. GRAND TETON moved to the outer flow, had his cover gap and went three-wide ¾ but in turn just gummed up that tier. I’M A BIG DEAL left and was out to that blistering quarter, yielded 3/8, stuck behind the tiring pacesetter around the far turn, but got to the Pocono Pike and didn’t gain. POINTS NORTH was out behind the winner but was left far behind. STENDAHL HANOVER gunned away and pushed the supersonic quarter before yielding, caught in, shuffled then out in a blindswitch past midturn, not much late.


THIRD RACEBAKERSFIELD went to the top 3/16 and rolled on an open lead, no doubt-er. SKYFUL OF LIGHTERS wheeled three-wide from past the 5/8 and was in the three-path the rest of the way, very good although a distant second. BUPA BRUISER was second-over, accepted the blindswitch to the 11/16 and kept on his cover, had a clear stretch path and just caught FOILED AGAIN for third. The later got a spot behind the battling front duo, moved out at the ½, went evenly raw. NEXT SUCCESS sat in, shuffled, then in very tight quarters stretch while appearing to have some horse. MYIDEALSON N went to the lead, yielded 3/16 for the pocket, but was loose in that pocket from before the 3/8 onward. THE OTHERS never entered contention.


FOURTH RACESPLIT THE HOUSE sat in, able to angle out past midturn as the second-over continued to gap, wide early stretch and had the most pace late. BOOGIE SHUFFLE was the only leaver and immediately crossed over, yielded to the early mover and was well-placed in the pocket behind the backstretch duel, to the Pocono Pike and made the lead midstretch at 55-1, outkicked but a good second. DEALT A WINNER was uncovered into turn two, paced his own third quarter in 26 raw (with the wind) but was kept outside, battled on gamely. MACH IT SO was in the early pocket by default, moved 3/16 to the lead and got a soft (for these) half, picked it up in the 26.1 backstretch duel, tired but not badly. CHRISTEN ME N stayed inside and got the last check. SCOTT ROCKS was steered through stretch traffic and finished well. CHECK SIX moved second-over but almost immediately gapped. MISSILE J never factored.


FIFTH RACESIR PUGSLEY was quarter-mover #2 and hit the top just past the 3/8, came home in 54.4 – 27 in a very strong mile. HUG THE WIND was double-looped, briefly in, then was quarter-mover #1, made the lead to the 3/8 and immediately yielded for the pocket, couldn’t go with the winner the last ¼ but was good to be second. COOPERSTOWN was quickest away, saw two go by in front of the stands, Pocono Pike, couldn’t gain. DAKOTA JACK sat in, next. ROOTIN TOOTIN was second-over. left raw two-wide past the 5/8 as his cover drifted wide, was not a late factor. LITTLE BEN never factored. BILBO HANOVER was always far back. MOTOWN N caused a recall, moved first-over but took the last part of turn two wide, had no power uncovered then drifted wide 11/16, finished the mile distanced and looking into the infield.


SIXTH RACEBOFFIN tucked, then was first-up at the half, went 27.2 down the back to go head-to-head with FASHION CREDITOR from before the last turn as they drew away from the others, game to get the decision. The latter moved up to command just past the 1/8, rated the second half, then sprinted in 56 while under pressure from the 11/16, couldn’t hold on. CAULFIELD had some gate jet, sat in, shuffled far turn, to the Pocono Pike and along for the distant third over MY CHERRY PIE. The latter quickly got command of the racetrack then yielded for the two-hole, gradually unplugged from the ¾. DI OGGI had fine cover but couldn’t go with it. CASINO CUTIE IT gapped in quarter two before making a break entering turn two. THE REST couldn’t get into the main action.


SEVENTH RACE – Wind has diminished … FIFTYDALLARBILL let the early smoke clear then ranged up, to the lead 3/8, stepped home in 55.3 – 27.1 and appeared in hand despite the diminishing late margin. MOOSONEE made the lead at the 1/8, yielded to the winner 3/8 and stayed tight, into the Pocono Pike and gained some, clearly second-best. SCIROCCO ROB stayed in, to the Pike and was up to nab the distant third. GEMOLOGIST was first on top then yielded, not enough at crunch time. WINNING SHADOW and VOSS VOLO never made their presence felt. FASHION FOREVER finally moved out raw 5/8, evenly then fell back in the last 3/16. MISSLE HILL gapped second-over, broke headstretch. TITO broke on the far turn.


EIGHTH RACEMILLIONDOLLAR WAVE gradually ranged up to his cover down the back, three-wide nearing the stretch, got the decision In a 29.1 last quarter) at $95.00. ALTA LEROY N was first-up and went steadily behind the leader’s sprint clear, collared that one and made the lead just past midstretch, good race to be second. CENTURY CHURCHILL was in the two-wide flow, widest and just third late over RUFO. The latter left, yielded, and stayed in, angled out early stretch but had to check sharply as finding no room, then clear and with a solid late burst. WHATS GOING ON moved out from last midturn, in the path behind the winner, mild pace as the tempo slowed. OHIO LARRY was shuffled inside, to the deep Pocono Pike and gained some late. BALI was three-wide to the first turn, briefly tucked third then moved again to get the lead before the 3/8, opened a big margin down the back with a fast ¾, but couldn’t sustain. IAMMRBRIGHTSIDE pressed on to 3/16 command, hung a foe nearly that long before giving way to the one, gapped in the pocket down the back, tightened, to the Pike but had little in the stretch.


NINTH RACELYNCH CHAMPIONSHIPKISSIN IN THE SAND was out with cover to the 3/16 then raw and went right up to take the fight to YOUAREMYCANDYGIRL by the 3/8, raced right outside that one through huge middle numbers, got to briefly and crucially duck in to the pocket late turn into the stretch, then out again and with tremendous courage went by the pacesetter. YOUAREMYCANDYGIRL was keeping control of this one, forced tucks then battled with the winner from the 3/8 through searing fractions, held well but could not defeat the winner. ALEXA’S POWER left, settled back third 3/16, boxed in far turn, then to the Pocono Pike and had a good rally. SANSOVINA HANOVER was two-wide among the four leavers and raced in the pocket, couldn’t stay tight ¾. HYPNOTIC TALE scraped the pegs throughout to get the last check. SERENE STRIDE stayed in, moved out a lane in the stretch, not enough. SIDEWALK DANCER was out 3/8 to follow the winner but gapped a bit throughout. I’M TRIGGER HAPPY gapped a gapper third-over. DOUBLE A MINT was always well back.


TENTH RACEHEMPT CHAMPIONSHIPSPRINGSTEEN was third-over, boldly went three-wide before the ¾ despite a 1-20 shot advancing raw, blindswitched HITMAN HILL and gained, got the big decision in the final steps. NUTCRACKER SWEET yielded, in, to the Pocono Pike and got a brief lead towards deep stretch, just missed. HITMAN HILL had great cover second-over, crucially blindswitched before the ¾ then backed out behind the winner late turn. flying late. STAY HUNGRY went to the front, pushed a looped foe before yielding and kept up in the pocket in lightning numbers, outside headstretch, a step shy. DORSODURO HANOVER was looped leaving and pressed on to command 5/16, went very fast fractions with the big favorite coming to him, couldn’t quite sustain. SHNITZLEDOSOMETHIN was outside two-wide, ducked in when the first-over broke, evenly in the stretch. LATHER UP found a lot of speed inside him and backed off to fourth, started up raw early into turn two, gradually gained, may have just started to shorten up past midturn when going to a run, placed for interference. THIS IS THE PLAN went around a gapper, was never close, had an “ix” headstretch. WES DELIGHT lost contact before the half.


ELEVENTH RACEFRANKLIN CHAMPIONSHIPMCWICKED got cover going into turn two and followed it up nicely, three-wide not until headstretch as the three-wide tier on the turn never reached, still fifth approaching midstretch but then exploded, and after that the only question was “By how much?”, in hand under the wire. ROCKIN RON was outleft but had grabbed the two-hole before the first turn, Pocono Pike, just maintained second over 103-1 shot MAC’S JACKPOT. The latter stayed in and had a good late burst along the far inside. DONTTELLMEAGAIN was far back with cover, advanced in a two-wide blindswitch through the turn, stayed in the path of the winner and had some gain. FILIBUSTER HANOVER had the top in a flash, got pretty soft fractions for this kind, still not up to the task. WESTERN FAME stayed in, fair late. ALL BETS OFF spotted third, came first-up into turn two in soft middle fractions, fell back. HEAVEN ROCKS A stayed outside midpack throughout, tried three-wide before the ¾ but never showed enough speed. SINTRA was stuck last, moved three-wide behind dull cover, never in it.


TWELFTH RACEBEAL CHAMPIONSHIPCRYSTAL FASHION was out most of the ¼ to get the top, soon yielded for the pocket, well-placed behind the duel of the front two, could move outside early stretch after the first-over broke, got by a stubborn SIX PACK. The latter was three-wide most of the quarter in 26.2 the quickly moved to the lead when two-wide, rated the half, kept the filly outside in the third quarter and through the turn, regained a brief clear lead, just worn down late after a big journey. LAWMAKER forced a fast quarter and yielded, evenly along the inside late. EVALUATE raced parked with cover throughout, gapped some during the third quarter, ducked inside the breaker nearing headstretch, good mile. FASHIONWOODCHOPPER was outside on the turn, had to go widest around the breaker into the stretch, finished strongly. MISSION ACCEPTED was third-over, checked ducking inside the breaker nearing headstretch and never recovered high gear. PATENT LEATHER did not factor. MISSISSIPPI STORM was trying to storm up the deep Pocono Pike for a minor share but broke before midstretch. MANCHEGO sat outside behind the three-across early battle, briefly ducked in but soon out again raw before turn two, speed-grinded in 27 down the backstretch and was just off the leader just past midturn when losing composure.


THIRTEENTH RACETE KAWAU N got in gear wide at the 1/8, advanced two-wide to the lead nearing the 3/8, stayed in charge from there. HALL BRO worked to the point after the 1/8, yielded 3/16 for the two-hole, stayed close but did not seem menacing. SPRINTER N followed cover three-wide 5/8, stayed out three-wide raw through the turn, very good through the stretch. PERFECT BET stayed in, deep Pocono Pike, OK. PRINCE OF POPS N sat in, blocked through the lane. LUCAN HANOVER went three-wide 5/8, to two-wide ¾ but couldn’t gain after that. BLOW A CLOUD N left and yielded, moved out again 3/8 in front of a parked horse, put in a spirited challenge but tired past the 3/4. QUALITY CLOSER was always well out of it. VILLE VALO was out the whole way, got cover 3/8 but gapped and was looped ¾.


FOURTEENTH RACEA REAL MIRACLE left some, then quarter-moved to 3/8 command, didn’t have much pressure and withstood MIDWAY ISLAND. The latter was three-wide to the 1/8 for the lead, yielded for the pocket, came out past early stretch and narrowed in but couldn’t quite get there. LACHIE MAGUIRE N started uncovered into turn two, never got cover so grinded, never reached but held firmly. ARTMAGIC was second-over, three-wide headstretch, no late gain. ANNIHILATOR moved up between horses towards the first curve and secured the early pocket, gapped out ¾. BET THE MOON and THEREISAPACEFORUS were not major players. GOOD DAY MATE gapped third-over.