Connor’s Comments for Tuesday, June 26


FIRST RACE – Stretch headwind … REBEL JET left between horses to the top just past the 1/8, yielded to sit behind the big favorite and kept the hole filled, to the Pocono Pike and went clear of these. SONIC IVY gapped third-over, then swung four-wide midturn and came on steadily in the moderating pace. SHARKY’S WAY sat in and was behind a wall of horses when moving two-wide late turn, angled to the path behind the place horse and gained. WHO DAT LOVE went forward a bit belatedly early and was left out in the air, put heat on the leader throughout in good fractions for these, held very well. STIRLING DEVINE had excess cover, gaining at the wire while widest. ROCKAVELLIAN was close-up early, stayed in, to the deep Pocono Pike but didn’t seem to have much. ALL OVER THE WORLD was last most of the way, weaving for clearance from early stretch but never found it. VIRGIN EXPRESS came out behind the parked horse but gapped cover, three-wide far turn but not that much. I’M THE REAL MAJOR was three-wide just past the 1/8 to 3/16 command, had pressure all the way, faded.


SECOND RACECANBEC KINGKAZIMIR was outleft, ducked in the pocket for about five steps at the 1/8 then was underway again to the top, sprinted with the wind down the back, enough for the late chargers. ABOUT A BOY went up nicely second-over, three-wide midturn, well but just not enough; FOX VALLEY HERBIE followed the place horse all the way, a lane wider in the stretch and also closing well. ROCK THREE TIMES was away pretty well, got to the Pocono Pike, evenly. FRANKY’S BEACH BOY had live cover but too far to come. CONCUR was last much of the way, angled between horses midstretch and was OK late. SPORTSMANSHIP moved raw at the half, paced in 27 down the back but couldn’t sustain his move. IM SUPERSONIC A delivered on his name early, yielded for the pocket, then came up empty in the stretch. DANCIN HILL gapped inside.


THIRD RACEQUEEN OF THE PRIDE quarter-moved and backed the pace down, but reacted immediately when a challenge came at the ¾, took off again in 27 home to be never in doubt. LADY DRIVER was first on top then yielded 3/16, tight on the pocket horse off the second turn, came out from third 11/16 when the sweeper moved up late backstretch, put a head up into the far turn, did well but was outsprinted. JK AMERICAN BEAUTY made the top 3/16, yielded to the winner for the pocket, gapped the top three a little on the turn but sustained onward to the wire. SO AWESOME had dull cover and roared three-wide before the 5/8 to get to second-over before the ¾, wide headstretch but couldn’t sprint enough late. TYPHOON got the last check. SWEET SISSY LOU was hard to settle back, came out at the half but never got close, nor did THE REST OF THE FIELD.


FOURTH RACEQUALITY KEMP was badly outleft and was parked, let others battle to the quick quarter then came up to grab the racetrack 3/8, no problem from there. SOHO HANOVER outleft everybody from PP9, yielded to the winner 3/8, won the three-way stretch scramble for second. MIKEY LIKES IT got a spot early, inside, angled out midstretch and was moving well late, possibly second if able to get in gear more quickly. MEADOWBRANCH RICKY was looped and raced up into the pocket, outside headstretch, held evenly. RAILEEGOTAHOLDONME had nonflowing cover, three-wide midturn but never got close. KEYSTONE TURQUOISE had an excess of cover. THE NEXT TWO were always far back. FINAL DREAM moved raw into turn two, barely headed the third-in horse late backstretch then backed up.


FIFTH RACEUNCLE LILLE A yielded to the 1/8, moved raw 5/16 and against the wind made the lead before turn two, yielded before the 5/8 but stayed tight, outside headstretch and ran down the pacesetting TANGO STAR. The latter came with a bold move to the second bend and went quickly with the wind to clear 5/8 and continue on to a 27.3 third quarter, failed to stall the winner though good. CHINA KING left to 1/8 command, pushed a foe to the 5/16 before yielding, slipped back out 9/16 in the lively outer flow, wide headstretch and went a very good mile. ONE MORE MIRACLE was three-wide to the 1/8 and two-wide past a fast quarter to get the top, yielded, stayed in and gapped on the far turn, but held OK. SOUTHWIND TERROR gapped cover. RESCUE PLAN backed out behind the place horse early on turn two, found himself left raw, not enough in the lane. THE REST were never featured players.


SIXTH RACE – The Jim Taggart Jr. Show, act 1: DUNN DEALIN quickly stepped around everyone early, yielded for the pocket, rallied back in the Pocono Pike and caught FLEET BUMBLEBEE past midstretch at $58.80, making Judy Welty the only trainer to have two $50+ horses at the meet. The last-named horse quarter-moved from the pocket, was under hard pressure from ORANGE BIGI a long way, shook that one off but couldn’t handle the winner late. The latter moved sharply just past the 3/8 to quickly engage the leader, fought head-to-head the length of the backstretch, gave ground from the ¾ but not much and was third-best in a good race. NEW IDENTITY stayed inside, photoed GUSTAVO FRING for fourth. The latter gapped good cover, was never prominent. LOOKINGFORAMIRACLE gapped early; PARTY ON THE RIVER gapped down the back. MILLVILLE ROAD broke near the ¼, pushing an already wide (while taking back) PINE TAB wider yet, placed.


SEVENTH RACEFAMOUS PADDY got to the front at the 1/8, let a foe go 5/16, moved out from third just past the half to take on the new leader and was in a fierce struggle with that one the rest of the way, proved courageous late to get the nod. MACHO CHICK followed the cover of the winner, wide late turn, photoed out. RISKY ROMANCE was between horses, looped 3/16, left raw 5/16 and needed until early on the second turn to be on the point, had pressure from the winner soon after, stayed in the fight to the end. SANNA CRUZE A stayed in, angled five-wide upper stretch and finished with a rush. JUICE HANOVER backed out third-over 5/8, OK. TRACEY’S DESIRE was four-wide to the 1/8 and three-wide to the 3/16, then up to grab control 5/16, pushed a foe another 1/8 before yielding, gapped in the pocket on the far turn. THE OTHERS never entered the main picture.


EIGHTH RACENOTE: TIDQUIST broke at the start and was taken to the infield, galloped the whole way and posted the last three fractions of 55.3, 1:22.3 and 1:49.4(!) while on the dead run, placed last. … In the real race: IL MAGO was out 3/16 to the front in a 26.3 opener, pushed a looped foe to the 3/8 then moved again to the point, reaching the half in 56, opened up a big lead the last half, hitting the ¾ in 1:24.4, roused a little late to be clear in 1:54.1. MY LUCKY WORD was left uncovered on the second turn, moved up to tuck in the pocket ¾, distant second. DOLCE DUCCI was shuffled, out in a blindswitch on the turn, made a good recovery to be next in line. TWO HIP DIP raced with cover but gapped it down the back. C-O-TO BLUEGRASS never featured. KANDY KORN was looped, pressed on to the top 3/8 in fast fractions, yielded to the winner and backed up the last half. CINNABAR HALL made a break off the first turn. ALEXANDER HANOVER had the early pocket, was shuffled badly when the pocketsitter tired down the back, finally got to the Pocono Pike but broke.


NINTH RACEENVIOUS HANOVER yielded 1/4 for the pocket, chose the Pocono Pike for her stretch bid and went by midstretch. MAKE MINE MOCHA was out to the fast quarter to get the lead, put down a good tempo, was challenged hard approaching the ¾ and through the turn, held off everybody but the pocket rocket. DALI DELIGHT had to go wide as a horse tucked third 5/16 but immediately went offstride, resettled and sat in to the 11/16 then made a sharp move to challenge, edged for place. JOYFUL GAME stayed out of trouble, OK late. M A REFLING moved outside 11/16 but couldn’t get into it. ALWAYSAFIRSTTIME was always far back. HERETIC FRANCO N was looped early, dropping in third 5/16 when making a break.


TENTH RACEPRINCESS FABULOSA was able to secure a midpack tuck, then moved just before the half and grinded away while pacing her own last half in 55, made the lead 100 feet out. JUSLIKEAQUEEN had perfect cover, wider in the lane and gained well late. JUXTA COWGIRL was three-wide early and two-wide just past the 1/8 for the lead, rated the second quarter then dug in against the first-over, retained first until the last 100 feet. I WISH YOU WELL was third-over, had to swing four-wide in the lane, steadily. SHADY SECRET A was last, five-wide, didn’t kick in until midstretch then gained rapidly, tough spot. KISS ME ONTHEBEACH pushed away well, yielded, sat in, shuffled a bit on the turn, no clearance in the stretch while appearing to have some horse. WHISKERSONKITTENS went to command entering turn one, yielded past the 1/8 for the pocket, struggled to keep up the last ¼.


ELEVENTH RACEBILL’S LADY was second-over, three-wide late turn, proved to have the most in a three-way fight to the line. COURTNEY HANOVER used track geometry to advantage, forced a tuck then yielded at the ¼ for the pocket, Pocono Pike, edged LOVELY LYNNLY for second. The latter was four-wide towards turn one, three-wide to the 1/8, then two-wide to clear in a good quarter, rated the half then stepped it up under pressure, held well considering the tough first panel. TOAST OF LINDY was three-wide from fourth-over midturn, wasn’t going to be any better than fourth but was closing stoutly when jumping 100 feet out. VIVACIOUS ALLIE left but took back, came again raw at the half and challenged in 27.4, made a break nearing headstretch. HERE COMES CASH was incident-free. JUSTLIKEHIM was third-over, gapped far turn and was blindswitched. MIGHTY MACKO was inside and gapping the top ones when breaking late on the far turn. IAMNOTLEFTHANDED put in some sinister steps off the turn before the start.


TWELFTH RACE – The Jim Taggart Jr. Show, act 2: ANGEL’S PRIDE, driven by Taggart, left strongly from the rail, yielded to the quarter-mover to sit the pocket, to the Pocono Pike, made the lead, then lasted for the DH1 with SKINNY DIPPER. The latter left and took the early pocket 3/16, inside, deep in the Pike, looked to be cautiously handled near the wire as if in tight, surged to get the tie. COUSIN MARY quarter-moved and laid down a good clip, shook off the first-over, held pretty well. FAITHFUL DESIRE sat in, wasn’t keeping up earlier in the stretch but surged near the wire while without clearance. OUR ELS DREAM N was second-over, left a slight gap in the third panel, three-wide in the lane, OK. ELLA CHRISTINA sat in, angled out but didn’t get clear until far too late. PENPAL was third-over, widest in the stretch, not that much. ALBANY GIRL tucked then went first-up to turn two, went 27.1 the third quarter to go head-to-head with the leader, faded. GEMMA’S BEACH GIRL was last all the way around.


THIRTEENTH RACETERROR ATTHE BEACH moved from fourth 3/16 to the lead 3/8, rested in quarter two, then had 54.3 speed home to ensure the victory. MAJOR OFFENSE came with a rush 5/8 after the previous first-over got the pocket, battled to the wire. GOOSE MOUNTAIN yielded past the 1/8, moved raw into the clubhouse turn, took the available pocket 5/8, had his shot in the Pocono Pike but couldn’t summon the speed. SPOILERONTHEBEACH gained belatedly. JO PA’S WAY was out until just past the 1/8 for the lead, yielded to the winner, couldn’t keep the pocket shut 5/8, faded. YEAHBOYYEAH gapped cover. THE OTHERS were never major players in this drama.


FOURTEENTH RACE – The Jim Taggart Jr. Show, act 3: TEMPSTER HANOVER moved second-over 5/8, gapped behind the cutthroat backstretch duel, then was left uncovered when the raw challenger tucked on the turn, got the job done late while drifting out – at a $203.40 mutuel, Taggart’s second “boxcar” payoff of the night and his fourth such payoff to lead the meet. ALLSTAR PARTNER was three-wide in a 26 duel to the quarter, finally on top 3/8, sped up again to 27.3 to meet the first-over and get him in behind on the turn, drifted out a bit and held well. WESTERN BAYAMA finished steadily up the inside to be a no-factor third. ASCOT ENCOUNTER A was between horses leaving, looked to have almost a length lead 3/16 but couldn’t go by and tucked at the ¼, on the move again off the second tier and went 27.2 to challenge, tucked in the pocket on the turn, exhausted by all the energy he showed in an unlucky but quality outing. CROSSFIRE HURRICANE got the last check. IDEAL COWBOY was not a factor. GERARD N MO tried to rally wide but could not. BEACH OGRE used the rail to park two challengers in a brutal quarter, yielded, gapped out 5/8, MISTER VIRGIN was outside early but never entered the main battle. … Average win mutuel tonight: $28.26. Average win mutuel this past Saturday: $4.60.